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    Attic clean out!!-THE-FINAL-CHAPTER I'm selling these on a local site. All I have left are an alternator that is good for core or rebuild some radiator fans and other stuff.

    Attic clean out!!-THE-FINAL-CHAPTER listed on a local site. center console 1998 cobra and some other stuff is all that is left.

    Can someone do a car fax for me?

    Never mind I got it done

    Altenator problems????

    I have asked this in another forum but would like to hear from the 96098 specific cars. It seems when I turn on some loads like lights, fogs, and AC the car will surge and eventually die when at idle. When I start the car when cold it idles at 14.4 volts. As the car warms up and I have...

    Stock axle spline length?

    I traded some old mufflers for a set of stock axles out of a 96-98. Upon inspection I noticed that the spline length was longer on one than on the other. Is this normal? or did I get 2 different axles?

    Trunk struts very stiff!

    What a work out opening the trunk. I goes the struts slowly degraded over time and I did not notice til now. Anybody else notice this? I ordered a new set that is for our cars. (94-04) here they are. Has anybody else tried these trunk struts? I will have them on Friday. The price was right...

    starting problem

    Ok here is how it goes. Some time the car will not start after warmed up or if it does it will surge in and out and I will have to give it gas to keep it running. On first initial start in the morning it fires right up. Not sure if this is temperature related or what. I checked code on my...

    Air conditioning experts in here please

    After 13 years I re-installed the AC piping and compressor back into my car. I blew all the lines out. I have installed all new "O" Rings and 8 oz. of Pag 46 oil w/ UV into the entire system. I believe my system can take up to 34 oz. of freon. I bought the harbor freight evac pump...

    Brake job help

    Front brakes. ordered new rotors and hawk pads. I can barely slip (I mean beat) the left side caliper on. when I do it is so tight it will not spin! WTF! I'm about to light this thing on fire. The right side is also tight but acceptable I think ( Slight drag). There is no play what so ever I...
  10. SVT CAMR

    stock 2001 shifter handel fit a 98?

    Will a stock shifter handle from a 2001 (Not sure if 3.8 or 4.6) fit a aftermarket shifter on a t-45? Yes just the handle portion.
  11. SVT CAMR

    I have Air conditioning line clips. Where do they go?

    I was wondering if you 96-98 guys would text me a 3 pics of you AC line connections. I have the clips that go over the connections and not sure which goes to which line! 1) @ the fire wall (the dryer connections located passenger side engine compartment. 2) @ the condenser connections (...
  12. SVT CAMR

    Ac delete pulley (ford racing)

    I have a Ford Racing AC Delete Pulley. 96-10 In good working condition. I removed it off my car today!
  13. SVT CAMR

    Airconditioning Help!

    Ok i have all the "O" Rings installed along with the compressor and Dryer. I'm about the install the condenser. I need some pick of the hoses and where they tie in. I need pics of the fire wall passenger side of the AC connections. Then as they run above the manifolds across the side of the...
  14. SVT CAMR

    Hurst Roll Control Line Lock

  15. SVT CAMR

    LED Bulbs

    Yesterday for the first time in 16 years I noticed the gauge cluster is really lacking in the brightness department. I did some research on this site and found some LED bulbs but they appear to be a little to blue for me. Has anybody figured...
  16. SVT CAMR

    Will 2004 front cobra calipers fit my 98 brake hoses?

    Going to be buying a pair of 04 cobra calipers. Is there any surprises I should know about?
  17. SVT CAMR

    Identifying stock upper control arms?

    I'm looking at a set. they have a date of 2008. seller says bought from Ford in 2009! I do not see Ford stamps on them. I do not have my stockers available to see what stamps are on them. by the date there is also a name saying SHILOH After some thought and advice from MM and another person on...
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    As summer approaches lets take a chill pill

    This scared the hell out of me. I can figure out how they lose traction so quickly. Ford Mustang Crash And Fail Compilation - YouTube
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    FL-820S filter & 5w-30 Motorcraft oil

    WTF! Walmart stopped carrying the Motorcraft filters and oil? I went to 2 different ones.:bash:
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    Tan Center console arm rest 96-98

  21. SVT CAMR

    WTB 1998 Cobra brake line From Master cylinder

    WTB 1998 Cobra brake line From the Master cylinder to the proportioning valve. It is a very short piece. MUST BE FROM A 98 COBRA! It will be the one closest to the fire wall out of the bottom of the master cylinder. Thanks 847-890-1142
  22. SVT CAMR

    WTB 1998 Cobra brake line From Master cylinder

    WTB 1998 Cobra brake line From the Master cylinder to the proportioning valve. It is a very short piece. MUST BE FROM A 98 COBRA! Thanks 847-890-1142
  23. SVT CAMR

    Ae rear shocks supposed to rebound all the way up?

    I just received my Koni str-t's and out of the box I compressed them and it only came up 1.5"!!!!!!:shrug: Are they suppose to expand all the way out? WTF!
  24. SVT CAMR

    FS original OEM 1998 SVT Cobra rims