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  1. railroad

    3.73 Differential

    Who is the Ford dealer, I have read about that offers the best prices on new parts? I was thinking it might be Tasca, but seems like it was someone else. I am pricing a new complete 3.73 differential for 2015 through 2020 straight shift Mustang. Thanks for any help.
  2. railroad

    WANTED: WTB 3.73 IRS Differential

    I am searching for a low mileage, 2015-2020, 3.73 IRS Differential. Naturally, I would like to do a face to face, but not always possible. Located in Alabama, would travel for the right part. Secondly, would consider shipped to me from a reputable source. Thanks for any leads or advise for who...
  3. railroad

    Brake Pads

    I am trying to locate, for sale, a set, 4 pads, EBC Yellow Pad DP4055R. Need help in finding some in stock. TIA
  4. railroad

    13 GT 500 Front Tires

    Considering Nitto 555 G2 for the front tires on my GT500. I want something in the 300 tread wear rating. I am running Toyo Proxies 888R on the rear. I do not get on the track and only occasional street pulls in low speed pulls. I would also consider Michelin, but had issues with a set for...
  5. railroad

    Need Dyno Sheet

    I have the 5.0 Aluminator, tuned by Lund. I am running 4 tube headers, no cats, into 4 tube side pipes. 3.55 gears, TKO 600 in a 2500 lb Cobra roadster. On my last tune, I requested more linear throttle response, due to being able to feel the engine playing catchup to the pedal in high speed...
  6. railroad

    WTB Enclosed Car Hauler

    I am looking for a 20 to 24 foot enclosed car hauler. I will consider an 18 foot one for a better price. Prefer to buy from the southeast close to Alabama. Thanks for any advise or leads.
  7. railroad

    Backup Camera Advise

    I have a 2010 MKX with no backup camera. I would like to install a wireless model, but have heard they interfere with bluetooth function. I need some advise on whether this is true for all models, a good brand and model for a medium price and any user advise. Thanks,
  8. railroad

    Coyote Oil Leak

    New Coyote A50XS crate engine is leaking oil into the spark plug tubes. I have less than 300 miles on the 5.0 Aluminator Crate engine and noticed some oil getting on the passenger side header. After some investigating, it seems the valve cover, spark plug tube seals got mangled on the engine...
  9. railroad

    3.5 Ecoboost Rattle

    Someone outside my truck, on start up, commented on the engine rattling and then getting quite. I looked it up and found it to be a common issue, with timing chain stretch and VCT actuators being bad. I have extended warranty on my 2013 F150, 43K miles. I have a recall on a speed sensor in...
  10. railroad

    Coyote in FFR Cobra

    Trying again,,,
  11. railroad

    Coyote in FFR Cobra

    Here are a few pics of my A50XS Coyote in a Factory 5 MkIV roadster.
  12. railroad

    13 GT500 Black Stripes

    I need an easy to find, easy to use, treatment for the black stripes on my 13 GT500. The ones on the hood look a little faded and I got some wax on the edges in other places. I would like something to wipe on, wipe off, or wipe on and leave it. I will go to something more involved if...
  13. railroad

    Intercooler Leak

    Well, after installing my triple pass heat exchanger and fans, I have been adding water, hoping it was purging air out of the system. Went to an early car show this morning and reservoir was at the full mark. 35 miles to the show, raise the hood the the reservoir is below the add mark. I...
  14. railroad

    Throttle Body Repair/Rebuild

    Asking this under the Shelby topics, due to confidence in posters. Have an Edelbrock throttle body, part of the supercharger package. Error codes P1000, P2105, P2112. Car will start and forced shut down, then not start again. Trying to avoid paying for a new throttle body. Issue was...
  15. railroad

    Throttle Body Rebuild

    2008 Mustang with Edelbrock Supercharger and 3.73 gears. Car is dead in the water with codes P1000, P2105, P2112. Looks like I have a throttle body problem. These are all new parts installed by Brenspeed and not an issue with their work. Does anyone work on throttle bodies, rebuild, check...
  16. railroad

    Engine Sale

    I am shopping for a A50XS Coyote crate engine. I have seen them delivered for about $14,400. Are there any better prices or sales coming on these engines? It is going in a Factory Five Cobra. If anyone knows of a better price or pending sale, please post or pm me. I need a break on that...
  17. railroad

    Valve Rattle

    99 Cobra, 32K miles, KB supercharger, 9-10 lbs of boost, 3.73 gears, alum flywheel and DS. I drive the car about 1 time per month, just cruising around. I run 93 octane with some Sunoco or VP canned gas added to the tank. Never had an issues with car, since new. Today after about 5 miles on...
  18. railroad

    Which one and where to buy

    I am about to be the owner of a Factory Five Cobra roadster. I want to go with the Coyote engine. Naturally, I would like to have the new 5.2, but can see being well satisfied with the 500 hp edition 5.0. I am not up to date on the engines and their capabilities. I have seen some good dyno...
  19. railroad

    SCT X4 Monitoring

    Now that I have been helped setting up my tuner for data logging and or monitoring, I have a question. The cable that connects the tuner to the car, is not the best design for driving while connected. The USB plug end extends down where it could be hit while clutching. In short, is there a...
  20. railroad

    Canned Gasoline

    Anyone running straight or high ratio of canned gasoline? I have been running a minimum of 5 gallons of Sunoco GTX 260 per tank. Probably not needed, but really got informed while on the dyno, about spark knock. I know other factors can induce spark knock and I addressed those also. E85 not in...
  21. railroad

    Shorty Headers

    Any pictures of the JBA shorties for the 13/14 Shelby GT500? Not interested in a debate over long tube and shorties, just want to see what they look like. After seeing the cast iron manifolds have only a 2 inch opening, I cannot sleep good. I did read TOB's post on installing Ford...
  22. railroad

    X4 Monitoring

    After down loading Live Wire into my X4 tuner, can I leave it plugged up on the Shelby and use it as a monitoring device, during start up and shut down? I bought a mount and would like to leave it on the dash and watch some parameters. Sorry for the novice question.
  23. railroad

    Shipping Tires

    Got an estimate to ship two 20 inch tires, 11.8 lbs each from central Alabama to Mid south Texas, $160.00 UPS. I asked every question I could think of to see if there was a mis calculation, to no avail. The dimensions came out 28 x 24 inches. I know corp rates are better, but how does anyone...
  24. railroad

    2013 Shelby Tires

    I have the 2 stock rear tires off my 2013 PP Shelby GT500 for sale. They have 3000 miles on them, no cracks, plugs or scuffs. I did not race them and the tread confirms their easy use. I want $200 plus shipping for both of them. Will ship from 35180. I can measure the tread depth, if desired...
  25. railroad

    2013 Shelby Tires

    I have the 2 stock rear tires off my 2013 PP Shelby GT500 for sale. They have 3000 miles on them, no cracks, plugs or scuffs. I did not race them and the tread confirms their easy use. I want $200 plus shipping for both of them. Will ship from 35180. I can measure the tread depth, if...