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  1. railroad

    2020 Shelby GT500 CFTP EPIC-Chaos Track Day in 4K! (video)

    ....did enjoy it, any chance it is better without music??? I watched part of it, muted. I had more focus on your entrance and exit lines, that way.
  2. railroad

    Unreal Detective Work! Well, Actually A PI Now.

    Coroner dropped the ball. He obviously had never cleaned a shot, large game animal. No explanation for destroyed internal organs and he is staying with natural causes. I have dressed out numerous whitetail deer, shot with a rifle. Sometimes the bullet does not exit. Entrance wound is...
  3. railroad

    Whats my chances of beating top hp cars of today.

    Yeah, I missed the E85 part. Although the 03 computer is not as adaptive as the later stuff, it does use knock sensors, thus the logic for oct booster, if it WAS gasoline, my mistake.
  4. railroad

    Whats my chances of beating top hp cars of today.

    What rear gears? Throw everything out of the car you do not need. Throw a half can of Octanium in about a half tank of premium gas.
  5. railroad

    Supercharger belt help

    Load test your battery. High load on alternator trying to bring your battery up to full charge, then quits chirping.
  6. railroad

    3.73 Gear

    You will love them and might get to use 6th gear.
  7. railroad

    '14 GT500 Stock Clutch - Better Aftermarket Alternatives?

    My 13 had a clutch help spring or over ride spring, forgot the name. This spring is located under the dash. When releasing the clutch, the spring increases the tension to push the pedal up. This makes a smooth engagement difficult, as you are experiencing. If your clutch is good, try removing...
  8. railroad

    Random Picture Thread

    You can run a blend of 101 and your 91 octane pump gas. Add a gallon and see how that feels. Try 2 gallons on so on until you feel no improvement. I run a light blend of C-9 plus my 93 pump in both my 13 GT500 and 99 Mustang Cobra with KB SC. It makes both cars run peppier and cleaner...
  9. railroad

    Parts Farm good to deal with?

    I just bought a IRS differential from Midwest Mustang. Product was as advertised, shipped rapidly without issue, easy transaction. They have a very good selection of parts. First time to use them.
  10. railroad

    Bad TOB or Pilot or both bearings?

    You are going to have to pull the trans to fix it. Replace both throw out and pilot, nominal cost on parts and labor, once the trans is out.
  11. railroad

    WANTED: WTB 3.73 IRS Differential

    Found it! Really pleased with it. Low mileage, with Torsen. Now just have to swap it out.
  12. railroad

    Carbon Fiber Wheel Tire Change WITHOUT Damage! (How To) video

    As usual, super job on providing info. I was nervous and had no dog in the fight. I get the shop owner to come out, when I get tires changed on my rims too.
  13. railroad

    Tips? Anyone Log/Harvest Timber on Their Property?

    They will not sign a contract and if they do, they know you will not waste money on a lawyer.
  14. railroad

    3.73 Differential

    Who is the Ford dealer, I have read about that offers the best prices on new parts? I was thinking it might be Tasca, but seems like it was someone else. I am pricing a new complete 3.73 differential for 2015 through 2020 straight shift Mustang. Thanks for any help.
  15. railroad

    WANTED: WTB 3.73 IRS Differential

    I am searching for a low mileage, 2015-2020, 3.73 IRS Differential. Naturally, I would like to do a face to face, but not always possible. Located in Alabama, would travel for the right part. Secondly, would consider shipped to me from a reputable source. Thanks for any leads or advise for who...
  16. railroad

    Polishing Kenne Bell Casing

    SHARKHIDE Metal & Aluminum Protectant Quart
  17. railroad

    Tips? Anyone Log/Harvest Timber on Their Property?

    Had some pines cut off my 10 acres prior to me building a house. I called a trusted timber cutter, who said, not enough work for his crews. He gave me some names of, 1 truck cutters, that would do it. I must have picked the worst in the world. Not enough time and space to list all the crap...
  18. railroad

    Monday joke

    You just need to buy an old push mower, take the muffler off and see how it runs, about 1 AM in the morning. If it smokes even better.
  19. railroad

    Really big pull CEL was flashing?

    I was getting some spark retard on some dyno pulls. I was correctly advised all pump gas is junk. I added a splash of Octanium and all is well. It did not take much to clean up the dyno pulls.
  20. railroad

    My new 2021 F-150 quality issues...

    Man, what has happened? I bought a '13 F150 Lariat Super Crew and a GT 500 in the same year. Paint and fit on both are without issue. I clay barred and sealed both by hand, so I know the paint. The body panels all line up and fit. I thought all of this was so automated it was a non issue...
  21. railroad

    “13”-“14 Shelby Original Owners?

    Bought mine new in '13. See mods below. Everything is good. Paid sticker price. About 5K miles. We have 93 octane, but car likes a little VP Octainium. Toyo 888R on rear, original Goodyears on the front. I know, been trying to make myself order new front tires. Tread is good, just too...
  22. railroad

    New Boss Owner!

    I was thinking the Boss engine came with upgraded oil pump gears. My Gen 1 Aluminator does.
  23. railroad

    Aftermarket Gauges- Speedhut

    May not be what you want, but SpeedHut has a GPS speedometer. I have one in my Cobra kit car. Does everything a reg speedo does and more. 0-60 and others I cannot remember, also gives the direction of travel.
  24. railroad

    What is this sorcery?

    Seems like someone had rev matching feature on their cars???
  25. railroad

    2013 Torsen rear end in 2008?

    I think you are confusing the 8.8" with a 9" rear axle. The 9" has a center carrier, removable as an assemble. The 8.8" is assembled inside the axle housing. The ring gear carrier, Torsen, Trackloc, open, etc sets inside the axle housing. You have shims to set side bearing preload. I would...