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    03 / 04 cobra coupe stock springs

    stock springs from my 04 cobra coupe. cut 3/4 coil for about a 1.5" drop. These should fit a 99 and 01 cobra also. local pickup. not really worth shipping due to weight. Can pickup in Winston-Salem also. 65.00

    LFP hubcentric 3/8 spacers with lug nuts

    one used set of LFP hubcentric 3/8" spacers. one of the lug nuts has the collar ut off. I received them this way when I bought them used. I only used 8 with my setup along with 2 locking lug nuts anyway. 65.00 shipped

    COP covers - stock

    Stock set of COP covers. Pretty good shape except for passenger side has one small area where my JLT intake rubbed it. I didn't notice this till I took them off. 30.00 shipped (lower 48 states only)

    Cam / Valve covers

    Stock set of Cam / Valve covers for sell. They are in good shape. I'll be keeping my build plate from them. I do have a build plate that came with the set I had powder coated. It is pretty stained from dirt/oil I'll be glad to send with them if you want. I also have a extra set of bolts, plug...

    Stock Eaton for sell

    Stock Eaton for sell. No boost bypass valve or EGR valve. (using those on my new Eaton) I also have a throttle body listed separately. Car has about 51K on it. Rotors look great. I'm going with a ported unit for mine. I've had a 2.76 pulley on it for probably 25K or so. 375.00 shipped with a...

    Eaton inlet or elbow or plenum

    Stock Eaton inlet or elbow for sell. Going with a ported unit on mine. car has about 51K on it. 45.00 shipped (lower 48 states only)

    Throttle body - Stock

    Stock throttle body, I'm keepig the Throttle Pos Sensor thats on it in the pic. going with a ported TB for mine now. has about 51K on it. 60.00 shipped (lower 48 states only) 55.00 picked up.

    WTB billetflow pulley hub

    Any one have an extra billetflow pulley hub for sell?

    polished COP covers

    one set of stock polished COP covers. Need a little finishing on edges. good start for someone to finish. sold I have a clean stock set coming off of my car tomorrow (6/6). I'll post up pics when I get them off. Taking the cam covers and COP covers off to sell.

    MRT shift knob 6 speed yellow

    MRT shifter knob. 6 speed, yellow. 40.00 shipped

    JLT RAI upgrade kit

    JLT RAI upgrade kit Screaming yellow. new never installed. 130.00 shipped (intake tube and coupler has been sold) I have the heat shield left. 35.00 shipped (sold)

    03/04 cobra Metco 4# pulley ring and 3.2 alternator pulley

    I have a used Metco lower pulley ring (4 pound) for a 03/04 cobra for sell. I also have a 3.2 metco alternator (MAP-3200) pulley to go with it. This is the correct alternator pulley used with the 4# lower pulley. Both are in really good shape. 85.00 shipped for the 4 pound pulley ring. 45.00...

    Posi Performance deleted from Vendor Section??

    I just saw that the Posi Performance forum was deleted from the Vendor section. I understand he has shutdown and techincally no longer a vendor but there was alot of good information in that thread. Could that forum be moved to the archives or saved some how for the self port folks out there...

    03 SVT Focus ZX3 EAP Comp. Orange

    I picked this up this week. I love it so far. Big upgrade from my daily driver. A 94 honda civic hatch with no power anything and ac that hasnt worked in three years. It did have 267K on it though. pics from the ad cleaned up today along with the cobra

    radiator fan

    Add me to the list of dead fans. how about a quote on a radiator fan (04 cobra). shipped to Elkin , NC 28621 thanks

    Remove coolant crossover?

    Does any one know if you can remove the coolant crossover tube without removing the eaton snout? I'm getting mine powdercoated.

    Trunk mat installed just in time for Mustang Week

    I just got my trunk mat installed. Thought I'd share. They have several choices and will custom design one for you as well. Aftermarket trunk lid mat and Accessories for Chevrolet,Dodge,Ford,Pontiac

    focus long block

    I've been looking at these for a daily driver lately. I've found a few high mileage cars at great prices. what is the difference between a regular ztec engine and the svt version I know the intake and exhaust is different but what about the lower assembly. I cant seem to find info on the...

    wiper cowl

    hey, I may need to remove my wiper cowl. most say they crack when removing them. what's a price on one to zip 28621 thanks

    Water leak passenger compartment

    A while back there was a thread about some getting water leakage from around the door weather stripping, mostly convertibles and some coups. I too had a leak from time to time. I just pulled my carpet out (to dry out). I also have my a pillar and rear pillar panels out along with the head...

    WTB 99-04 4v valve / cam covers

    I'm looking for a used set of cam / valve covers for my cobra. I beleive the covers from a 99, 01, 03, 04 are all the same. I want to get a set powder coated then swap them out with mine. I'll then turn around and sell mine later. PM me with what you have.

    WTB 03/04 valve / cam covers

    hey, any body have a set of stock 03 or 04 valve covers? I'm looking for a used set to get powder coated. pm me.

    WTB stock eaton

    I'm thinking about picking up a stock eaton to port to minimize the down time on mine. PM me what you have. Condition and price shipped to NC. I have a commercial address you can ship to to save a few dollars in shipping. Include pics too if you have them. edit: I found one.