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  1. WIST2013GT

    Built Motor Information

    I know there aren't many people using forums anymore, but I was hoping a couple guys with 11-14 cars might still be here. I am looking for a ballpark price on building a gen 1 coyote from guys who have had it done. I was quoted $2500 to have the motor pulled and installed, and $7500 for a...
  2. WIST2013GT

    Catback worth the money?

    I have a VMP gen 3 on my 2014 Mustang. Best pass is [email protected] The car has stock headers, cat delete and x pipe, and stock OAP and mufflers. I have been thinking about getting a catback to replace the OAP and mufflers to something more free flowing in order to help move it into the single digits...
  3. WIST2013GT

    VMP Gen 3 on a 2014 Coyote

    I'm just getting the last few pieces together to complete my install. I have always planned on going with boost, but I was on the fence for a turbo or a VMP setup. I got a great deal on this kit used so here we are. My NA setup was as follows: Tubular Radiator Support Tubular K member (Stock...
  4. WIST2013GT

    First passes of 2020

    Finally was able to find some time to make it out to the track. Its a 2 hour drive on way so I didnt stay long. I was able to get 2 passes in. The slower pass was leaving off idle to see if the converter would flash. The faster pass was using the foot and handbrake method. I think it went well...
  5. WIST2013GT

    Which blower would you choose?

    Hey all, Picked up a new (to me) 2014 Mustang and I'm planning a different route for boost than my last car. My old 2013 was a Vortech car on E85 and while enjoyable, was very lazy most of the time and not a ton of fun to daily. This time around I'm looking at a couple options: VMP GEN2R VMP...
  6. WIST2013GT

    Custom turbo kit build

    Have a good friend who is getting into fabrication. I had him build me a turbo setup for my fox. Enjoy!
  7. WIST2013GT

    Sold the mustang and bought....

    This. Ive always wanted one. 454 BBC, TH350, 12 Bolt. Should be a fun car when I get it dialed in.
  8. WIST2013GT

    Quickest and Fastest Vortech V3 Coyote

    Does anyone know what the fastest times are for the Vortech V3 cars happens to be? I know people have gone faster with the Paxton/VMP/Turbo stuff. I'm just curious who has maxed out the V3 and laid down some good times.
  9. WIST2013GT

    Saleen Replica Wheels (American Muscle Brand)

  10. WIST2013GT

    Lightweight Brakes

    I am looking for recommendations for a lighter brake setup. 2013 Base Auto stock brakes are in need of replacement and I figured I may as well choose something lighter since they have to be done anyway. The car sees 90% street driven time, 10% dragstrip so they must perform well for daily...
  11. WIST2013GT

    VMP PNP 18.5v BAP

  12. WIST2013GT

    MGP Caliper Covers

  13. WIST2013GT

    Sunday Funday at the Strip

    Here is a little video from this past Sunday of my car at the strip. Enjoy!
  14. WIST2013GT

    New PB with Vortech Coyote

    Went back to the track to see how much of a difference E85 would make. It was well worth the trip. Last October in the exact same trim and weight on 93 I had a best pass of [email protected] I switched to E85 and this was the result: I would love to see a 9 second pass with a converter. Car has...
  15. WIST2013GT

    Vortech Coyote vs F1X GTO and 6766 Supra

    Switched fuels and tried to run with the big dogs this weekend. Coyote - Catless X, Ported boss manifold, Vortech V3 Stock pulley, E85. GTO - 4xx CI LS, F1X on 14 lbs, E85 (made 850whp on a DJ). Supra - Stock motor, ATF Level 3 Auto, 6766, E85, 32psi map (Made ~700whp on a mustang at this boost...
  16. WIST2013GT

    How long did your stock motor 700whp+ car live?

    Just looking to see how they do at this level. Setup (SC combo/Turbo size/Nitrous hit) - Dyno Type - HP/TQ - Fuel - Tuner - 1/4 - Miles at power level - Failure (If applicable) - Lets see some results!
  17. WIST2013GT

    Exhaust Gains

    Looking for some insight on where to spend money on the exhaust. The car is a Vortech v3 car on 93. Exhaust setup is: stock exhaust manifolds, JBA cat deletes, JBA 3 to 2.75 X pipe, stock OAPs, GT500 axle backs (This is how I bought it). What gains would I see from long tubes? What about...
  18. WIST2013GT

    Race gas tune for vortech coyote

    I'm new to fuels so this might be rough... I'm looking to run race gas in my 2013 vortech car and was wondering what sort of power gains you would see with just a fuel change. Car currently is tuned on 93 and has gone [email protected] I have a VMP 18.5v BAP and ID1000s for fueling currently. I would...
  19. WIST2013GT

    93 Pump Gas Vortech Dyno

    Stock: motor, auto trans, gear, 3.6 pulley, and exhaust manifolds. Not Stock: Ported boss intake manifold, Vortech V3, ID1ks, VMP BAP, Catless X Pipe, 11/12 GT500 axel back, AED tune. The car went [email protected] at 3700 pounds. I would like to turn this up a bit. Can someone shed some light on...
  20. WIST2013GT

    FS: JLT oil separator and 47# injectors

  21. WIST2013GT

    Vortech car street traction

    Hey guys, Looking to set my car up better for the street this year and looking for some advice on where to start. Ive never really looked into suspension parts so all advice is appreciated. Details on the car: Lowered 1 inch on Eibachs Adjustable panhard Adjustable UCA 15 inch Dark Stars with...
  22. WIST2013GT

    Winter Upgrades

    Looking to get some new mods this winter and I'm not sure which direction to take. I would like opinions on which will be a better choice: Beefcakes Torque Booster Setup or Circle D 3C and 1 piece drive shaft My car is driven about 3-4 days a week when its nice and sees the track once a month...
  23. WIST2013GT

    Finally hit 10s!

    Went back to the track this weekend to get my 10 second pass before the end of the end of the season. Car has a stock Vortech pulley, pump gas, stock motor, trans, converter and headers. I cant wait to add a converter next year and get it on e85!