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    Custom Springfield XD-40 V10

    More pictures and modifications here:
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    California Motorcycle Q

    California Motorcycle Q Background: I am 20, have my M1 permit, completed & passed the MSF class this past weekend. I bought the bike new and still have paper plates. Questions: As i am waiting for my paper work from MSF to show up for me to actually obtain my license, what penalties...
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    diablosport, gone ? is down any answers ?
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    ford gt and rear gear

    ok so we got the ford gt, it has a 3.36:1 rear end ? what would some 4.30 do, roast the tires for days :shrug:
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    Shortcut onto a street...

    i always wondered what law would be broken if you cut through a local gas station or store on the corner instead of waiting behind traffic before you could turn. :shrug:
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    parking in handicap

    my buddy recently got a ticket for parking in handicap, he was issued a temp (red) parking pass becuase he had surgury awhile ago, well it expired a week ago but he had it displayed, any suggestions its 275$ fine... :shrug: thanks in advance!
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    NFSU2 1/4 mile runs (no cheat)

    no cheats, pure tuning... the car... the wheelie... the time... now this is prob. the average most times, i can run either way +/- .30 at least
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    street racing at 40mph ?

    I was in my buddy's S and we were cruising around enjoying the car, and out of no where a cop gets on our rear, at least 10ft away. Pulls us over, me and my buddy are like wtf, confused at this point. Cop says we were racing and won! We were like ok and he gets into it about streetracing and how...
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    racing cops, cops racing

    has anyone ever raced a/in patrol car, its a dumb question, but it would make one hell of a street racing vid. :beer:
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    siren/pa system

    Live in california and recently bought a siren/pa system, tried searching through the dmv ca code book with nothing, so i thought i would ask if the siren (3 sirens; one is "hyperyelp", two are used for emergency vehicles, "wail","yelp") use is illegal, and if the pa use is illegal as long as it...
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    hi everyone

    :rockon: My name is anthony sinatra from clovis, ca. i am 18 years old and drive a 4.6l 2004 f150 RC. sopping by to say hi and the site has a lot of usefull information compared to f150 orientated sites in a performance stand point. :read: