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  1. Dinosgt

    Lund NGauge $300

    Lund N Gauge - 300 bucks shipped to lower 49. Purchased from a member here - works great. Even data logged my CTSV for a while... Pm me if interested. Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
  2. Dinosgt

    ORM brake pads changed?

    Hey folks - I just got a new set of Ford pads for my 13. I know - overpriced - but my RB racing pads squeal like hell and so I hate them. When I took these out of the box - the friction surface has a different face and the pad number is slightly changed. The pads look like they are correct...
  3. Dinosgt

    For the brake gurus ...

    Just installed racing brakes rotors and pads and went through the brake bedding process. One thing I've noticed (besides that they are noisy as hell) is that the rears don’t seem to be bedding correctly. The face of the rotor should be showing about 41mm of surface where the coating is...
  4. Dinosgt

    Pic test

    Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
  5. Dinosgt

    Did Ford put anti seize on back of rotor?

    Need some help on this - I recently went to a track event and had a blast. Several twenty minute sessions at 10/10ths and the car did great. One mistake I made was during one session, fuel got very low (I burned 3/4 tank on two 20 minute sessions) and rather than risk uncovering the pickup I...
  6. Dinosgt

    Stifflers clutch line nightmare install - HELP!

    Folks: In my infinite wisdom I decided that while I was flushing my brake fluid for DOT 4, I would also install my stiffler SS clutch line thats been on the shelf for 2 years. Now after three hours are screwing around with said line - I am ready to burn my car to the ground. I can not for the...
  7. Dinosgt

    WTB - LH piece of lower spoiler (DR3V-001A04-ABW)

    Sounds a bit crazy, but hoping someone replaced a lower 13-14 GT500 spoiler due to some damage, but has a clean LH piece to sell. I have a whole new 3 piece spoiler, but want an extra LH piece for some other work.
  8. Dinosgt

    For sale - almost new Corsa Sport quad tip exhaust for 13-14 GT500

    Exhaust has about 2000 miles on it. A work of art - no damage. Loved them - look great on car. Just trying something different. Price $800.00 Firm. SOLD! Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
  9. Dinosgt

    JLT and Bobs ultimate oil separators for sale

    Up for sale: (everything SOLD - thx everyone ) 1) driver and passenger JLT separators - Pass side has about 3 k miles it - perfect shape - $80 - Drivers side has almost no miles on it - also perfect - $75 Or — $140 for the pair. 2) Bobs Ultimate pass side separator - brand new - never...
  10. Dinosgt

    WTB - rear seat delete

    Anyone want to part with a M-6346612-A rear seat delete kit for my '13? Please PM me if anyone has one has they want to let go of... Thx!
  11. Dinosgt

    The "correct" lower temp thermostat ?

    Folks: I recently installed a Lund tune which kicks the High speed fan on at 189 degrees. Currently the stock T-stat is in the car (192 deg), so I am looking for a replacement so the fan doesn't run continually. (a notable side effect, the constant running of the fan and intercooler pump seems...
  12. Dinosgt

    Where do I ‘see’ added HP in the tune?

    Once a car is tuned, I would presume that I can use the data logs to compare old vs new performance. Where would one see the extra power? Is it in the MAF signal at a given rpm? Acceleration rate? In my simple mind, acceleration rate in a gear like third or forth (where traction is not a...
  13. Dinosgt

    What tricks can I get away with for more power without a tune?

    As the title says, I have been seeking to optimize engine output without a tune. Heat soak clearly is a big one that needs addressing, as all the bolt ons in the world won't help if the stock tune is pulling timing. Since an engine is basically an air pump, getting air in and out more...
  14. Dinosgt

    Anybody running 295/30/20s?

    Folks ; I recently posted a thread about my problems with getting my 305/30/20 Michelin cup 2s under the rear. The tires stick out of the rear fender about 5 mm, and I have struggled with getting any tire guy who can help me (see thread for details), other than to recommend a smaller tire...
  15. Dinosgt

    HELP!! TREAD width vs SECTION width on Cup 2s

    Folks: I have a very perplexing problem with some Michelin Cup 2s. I had a set of forged Rotiform wheels made for my car (20 x 9.5 FR and 20X11 RR), with a rear offset of 55 mm. My desire was to also try the Cup 2s, and the “engineers” speced out a 305/30/20 to go on the rear. Ergo – my...
  16. Dinosgt

    13-14 GT500 Rear diffuser install?

    Folks: I buggered up my OEM rear diffuser on my 13 GT500 slightly, so like any other anally retentive person would do, I bought a new one. Everything I read says I have to remove the rear bumper to replace it, but in every case, these were the folks that are converting a standard GT to the...
  17. Dinosgt

    Anyone using Snow performance meth injection?

    Folks: I have been trying to find unique ways to get the performance we paid for out of the GT500. As we all know, heat soak is the enemy. All the power adders wont help me if the ECU is pulling timing due to high IAT2s, and after a few minutes in traffic or sitting at idle we can see IAT2s...
  18. Dinosgt

    What's changed in an aftermarket "stock" tune?

    I can't seem to get a clear answer on this one. For folks that get a "tune only" on their GT500, what is changed in the tune? Since Ford has to design the car for an incredibly wide range of use, I presume some compromises are made in the tune. For example, my data logs show the factory tunes...
  19. Dinosgt

    Some weird PIDs?

    Bought the Ngauge several months ago, and I started datalogging. While I get some of the PIDs and why they are relevant, some I don't. Can someone enlighten me on what the following PIDs mean and what values I am looking for? ipsibr_IN_ppm (?) MAF_in_lbm_per_min - what's a good vs bad value...
  20. Dinosgt

    7300 rpm on a 7000 rev limiter?

    Ok folks - I need an education. On a recent data logging run, at the top side of second gear the car hit a dip in the road and must have gotten a little light in the rear right before the shift. I didn't realize it until I saw the log, but it appears the motor saw around 7300 rpm for a few...
  21. Dinosgt

    Why does the throttle only open 60-70% under a hard pull?

    Hello Folks: I am now getting dangerous, due to my recent acquisition of an Ngauge. I have been doing some datalogging, and have noticed something interesting, and I was hoping that the bright folks on this board could help me understand if there is an issue or not. It seems that I almost...
  22. Dinosgt

    Intercooler pump logic?

    Folks: Can anyone enlighten me on the intercooler pump logic for our cars? In other words, when does the pump come on and shut off? is it engine coolant temperature dependent? I noticed that my car runs IAT2 temps about 35-40 degrees higher than IAT1 - but after I see about 195-200 or so...
  23. Dinosgt

    Why do the CAI BEFORE the TB? flow numbers...

    Question for the tuning gurus: According to internet wisdom, the 13/14 GT500 intake parts flow as follows: Stock Resonator - 1385 cfm Stock TB - 1085 cfm Stock air filter - 1457 cfm. So - why do folks go for the CAI first? Seems that the TB should be the first mod for higher performance...
  24. Dinosgt

    Ngauge installed - now what do all these PIDs mean?

    I started datalogging, and while I get some of the PIDs and why they are relevant some I don't. Can someone enlighten me on what the following PIDs mean and what values I am looking for? ipsibr_IN_ppm (?) ETC_ACT - is this Actual Throttle opening vs commanded? MAF_in_lbm_per_min - what's a...
  25. Dinosgt

    Anybody know what a P00CE code means?

    Folks: Car threw a code today that I don't understand, nor what the codes wants me to 'fix'. The Code is P00CE - my reader tells me its a "generic SAE code", but when I look it up online I get 'intake air measurement system - multiple sensor correlation (bank 1)'. I apologize for my...