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  1. CCS86

    '12 AC Compressor or Clutch?

    Hi guys, How likely is it that the AC compressor clutch only fails? I was driving home yesterday slowly, AC was blowing cold. Then I heard kind of a steady "wooooooooooooooo" noise. I immediately turned off the stereo, still there. I thought it was something driveline, shifted into neutral...
  2. CCS86

    Fogs/Parking Lights in "Auto" Mode Only on With Door Open?

    Hi guys, I noticed that in my '12 acts a bit weird with the lights set to auto, and pulled out for fogs. At night, everything works as expected: lights, corner markers, and fogs are on. During the day, I thought that the headlights turned off, but the fogs and markers remained on. It turns...
  3. CCS86

    Stepped Spacer to Reduce UCA Clunk

    Hi guys, I have a Spohn UCA installed with the factory UCA bracket, and have the typical mount "clunk". I know that most aftermarket mount brackets address this by sizing the holes closer to the mounting bolt nominal. Some ship a stepped spacer with the UCA to adapt the 14mm bolt to the...
  4. CCS86

    Oil Cooler Options

    Hi guys, Does anyone have experience with these Derale oil cooler kits? I'm having a hard time finding hands on experience about the quality. With the heat we get in TX, and the possibility of a Kenne Bell in the near...
  5. CCS86

    Ping @ 3500 When Cold (stock)

    Now that the weather is cooling off, something new has developed with my car. On cool mornings (< ~65*), before the car is fully warmed up, it will ping under heavy part throttle; always between 3400-3600 rpm. Just a quick clatter as it passes through that range. Running 93 octane from...
  6. CCS86

    Oil Analysis on my '12 GT

    Here's the analysis report from my 2012 GT. The dealer gave my a free oil change, so I had them do it at 1000mi, then I put about 3800mi on the oil before dumping it and running the analysis. It is now filled with Amsoil Signature 5w-20.
  7. CCS86

    Replacement MC Cap? / DIY Bleeder

    Hey guys, I'm building a pressure bleeder with a garden sprayer and need a master cylinder reservoir cap to finish it. I went to Vatozone and O'Reilys and totally struck out. They don't list replacement caps in their system looking all the way back to a 2005 Mustang. I tried on of the generic...
  8. CCS86

    Onboard Video: Harris Hill Road

    Hey guys, here's some footage from this past Saturday at Harris Hill Road in San Marcos, TX. I was instructing for Longhorn Racing Academy, and taking my car out for laps in between. I propped my Canon 60D up in the backseat on a tripod. My student had a '12 Mustang too, but with Brembos (+...
  9. CCS86

    18x10's All the Way Around

    Hey guys, I just swapped over from the 18x8" Ford Racing wheels I was running with the stock Pirellis, to 18x10" SVE Drifts with Eagle F1 Supercar 285/40-18's. This setup definitely pushes the boundary of the fender well lips and makes for a really aggressive stance. The stock silver 5-spoke...
  10. CCS86

    Clutch Pedal Helper Spring: Thoughts and Technical Details

    Like many of you, I have some clutch pedal weirdness after a couple high rpm shifts in my 2012 GT. It's not so much that the clutch pedal gets stuck down, but that it doesn't want to return all the way when released. Many people have tried removing this assist spring to solve the issue. I drove...