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  1. svtfocus2cobra

    2022 Ford Expedition Gets Updates | Including New Stealth & Timberline Packages

    It would look insane with the flared fenders and suspension. Everybody is going after the F150 Raptor with their own versions so they need to stay ahead of the pack with someone new. The Bronco Raptor will be awesome but it won't be as innovative as the F150 Raptor was because Jeep has been in...
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    Did you get shot for Rona or Not?

    Nope. Had it so I have natural immunity.
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    Comedian Norm MacDonald of SNL ‘Weekend Update’ fame dies of cancer at 61

    I would venture to say that that era netted the most successful cast members. Mike Myers, Adam Sandler, Chris Farley, etc. Those guys all went on to become wildly successful and Sandler especially with his own production company. Surprised Mike Myers hasn't really been around lately, but...
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    Holy ****! Lope King!!!!

    I was thinking Watch it Burn by Greeley Estates.
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    2022 Ford Fiesta ST - Not in the US

    Thanks for leaving us all hanging Ford.
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    Can anyone i.d. this?

    Looks like it is used to stabilize plants in a garden, like a tomato plant. My gf has something similar in her garden, but just not as complex as that one is.
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    Comedian Norm MacDonald of SNL ‘Weekend Update’ fame dies of cancer at 61

    Crazy how many of the cast members from his era were Conservatives. He was, Schneider is, pretty sure David Spade is pretty Conservative, and I have heard Sandler leans that way also.
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    Comedian Norm MacDonald of SNL ‘Weekend Update’ fame dies of cancer at 61

    Sucks. He wasn't always in the spotlight like his costars, but he was always funny nonetheless. His Burt Reynolds character on Celebrity Jeopardy was one of the best. "Name's Ferguson... Turd Ferguson"
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    DinDoNuffin Finds Out

    Could shoot failure drills with 2 or more to the chest and one to the head. The cameras may not pick up the upward movement for the head shot as being controlled being in the heat of the moment... but it is!
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    Things to Watch Thread

    The Witcher has really good replay value and they have a new animated movie that lays out the early days before Geralt was on the scene as a Witcher and it follows the prime days of his mentor Vessimir. Not huge on animated shows but I enjoyed the story and content in how it lays out the reasons...
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    Things to Watch Thread

    Raised by Wolves was good but it definitely was weird and took a bit to get used to. It ties into the whole Alien and Prometheus timeline doesn't it?
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    DinDoNuffin Finds Out

    Good. Wish the camera showed the ground too.
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    The Matrix 4 Trailer

  14. svtfocus2cobra

    Help me pick some wheels

    Almost all of their designs are beautiful and would look good on a C6 ZR1. BBS style is always an easy choice but I have always been partial to something like the TD01 or KL13 which is similar to the Forgestar CF10s I had on my GT500. Just don't get anything with a spiral design.
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    I hate thieves

    Well now we have cameras that can catch them, but then the DAs come out and say they won't be prosecuting thefts under a certain amount, and even then if the person gets arrested they only get a slap on the wrist. Hands need to be chopped off to send a message. I could get on board with that lol.
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    I hate thieves

    We have to leave certain cars out front sometimes when we don't have enough room in the back lot or if a car can't be moved and we just have to keep them unlocked because otherwise they will just break the windows. Better to have some change and random worthless crap stolen than to have to...
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    TracSpec Hood Vent Install 03-04 Cobra

    I've always been a sucker for functional racing hood vents. Looks great on there though! I would have thought it was from or for the new GT500s since they share that same hood vent design.
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    SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME - Official Teaser Trailer

    If they are part of the same comic book company then chances are they have crossed over in each other's comic series, especially anything involving the Avengers. X-Men could very well show up in this Marvel universe someday and you could see them side by side with all the characters of Infinity...
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    SIG P320 - Good thing he wasn’t AIWB.

    I'm not going to chastise anyone for carrying condition 3 because you shouldn't carry chambered if you don't personally feel comfortable with it, but at the same time I would never instruct anyone to carry condition 3 because I understand what happens and where you mind goes during a violent...
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    SIG P320 - Good thing he wasn’t AIWB.

    If I remember right, reading a book about the Q Course, Army SF goes through the course training with loaded weapons with the safety off and are expected to never ND. If you ND then you can be dropped from the class. Also had this conversation with a long time friend of mine who was TACP with...
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    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    Dude, I just saw today that Trevor Moore died in an accident, car accident I assume? Didn't follow his career closely but that show was hilarious.
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    Tornado vs. Wind Turbine May 19, 2012 Harper County, Kansas

    For one, I don't recall ever hearing about Ethanol ever being griped about. Maybe that was before my time on here? Even when I remember hearing about it coming up I still don't recall any gripes. Second, if they can fix the issues then I'm fine with wind. My only other gripe with energy is...