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    2004 OW Cobra Coupe FS - VMP TVS 724rwhp - FAST AND NEARLY IMMACULATE!!

    SOLD! Thanks SVTP :beer: Well the day has come to sell my Cobra so it is with a somewhat heavy heart that I offer to you my 2004 Oxford White Mustang Cobra. I bought this car in Oct of 2012 and have treated it with care ever since I brought her home. The car has been meticulously maintained...
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    What's my car worth you think?

    Toying with the idea of selling the cobra for a truck. I don't want to but I'm afraid it may be taking up too much of my time, money and focus right now. It's a 04 cobra with 54k on the clock, pretty well immaculate inside and out and VMP blower making 724rwhp on corn. All other mods in sig...
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    New Dyno Numbers! VMP TVS w/ ARH Longtubes

    Well over the weekend I installed some 1 3/4 ARH longtubes with 3'' X-Pipe and today I went back to ProDyno to dial her back in. Very happy with the results I got! :rockon: Final numbers were: 673rwhp on 93 724rwhp on e85 Pulley setup is a 3.2 upper/4lb lower on 93(19.5lbs-18*timing) 3.0...
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    Drag racing on r888s?

    I know this isn't really a drag tire but what kind of results have you guys seen who have run them at the track? I'm wondering if it's even worth my time to go on these or if I'm just going to be spinning them away.
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    UPS Stopped By: ARH Longtube Content

    Couldn't be happier so far with the quality of these things. Awesome welds, solid design and seems to fit together like a glove. Can't wait to get them on and get into that 700 club. 1-3/4 Primary - 3'' Collectors and Xpipe - 2.5 Catback Connect :rockon: One question: I need to add a...
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    Gates Fleetrunner Part number

    I'm trying to find a Gates green belt for 79.5 and 80.5'' and am having a time finding a part number or anyone who even carries it. Where are you guys getting your's from and do they make these sizes or something close? My setup will be: TVS with 3.2/4lb on 93 3.0/4lb on e85 90mm Metco...
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    Is Sunoco E85-R the same as pump E85?

    Assuming of course they both tested to be 85%. The a/f ratio should be the same with either fuel correct? Didn't know if it had other additives or something?
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    ARH Longtubes Ordered! - 700 Club here I come!

    Finally broke down and ordered some ARH longtubes and am planning another dyno tune at the first part of November. My last run on e85 was 687rwhp which was teasingly close to the 700 mark. :mj: I was making 20.5psi on my 2.8 pulley so I know my exhaust setup sucks :lol: I'll also be adding a...
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    Quick pull with the TVS (passenger view)

    Buddy of mine took a video of a quick pull on the way back from Mustang Week earlier this week. Funny story, we took a wrong turn and ended up in Mexico at the time of filming. :lol1: Blower is pretty loud for those who haven't heard it. Was shot on an iPhone 6+ with windows down...
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    TVS Dyno and Speedo Action Video

    Got the chance to make a few pulls and get video together of the new setup. Short video but hope you enjoy it. :beer:
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    JLT High Boost NEXTGEN

    Selling my JLT High Boost intake. This is the NEXTGEN (newest) model with the molded in 105mm maf. This was on my TVS setup and has about 1000 miles on it. Tube is standard black. There are a few scuffs where the tube goes into the fender but it's nothing major and the part that you see in...
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    VMP TVS Dyno Day: The Results are In! (sort of)

    So I took the cobra up to Pro Dyno today and got her dialed in. There's surprisingly good news and bad news here so let's get the bad out of the way first. VMP TVS 2.8 pulley Lethal Return w/465s 8an feed & return 80s JLT HB Promotion 750 Clutch (more on that in sec lol):bored: First pull...
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    HELP Installing Lethal Budget Wiring (Quick Question)

    Ok I'm wiring up the budget return harness and have one quick question. On the the OEM fuel hat wires that come directly off of the hat (4 of them), which of these two will connect back to the yellow and black extra wires on the lethal harness? It says in the instructions it's yellow to yellow...
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    VMP TVS Has Arrived! Let the Build Begin!

    UPS man (my hero) just dropped off my TVS and I'll be beginning the install this weekend. I'll also be putting in a Lethal full return system along with it and a few other parts as well. Dyno tune is scheduled for Friday the 17th and will be tuned for 93 on the 2.8 pulley and e85 on the 2.6...
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    Oem Clutch Cable Too Short with Firewall Adjuster????

    For some reason my clutch cable will not reach the fork to hook in unless I pry the cable to meet it, therefore compressing the clutch in with the throwout bearing and reducing my clamping force. My firewall adjuster (mcleod click) is all the way in and it still won't reach. Quadrant is Steeda...
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    Help Diagnosing Transmission Bearing Noise

    Ok so the trans has started to make a little tapping,grinding, thrashing noise over the last week. My first thought is the TOB but typically I see those make a squealing noise and then go away when you press the clutch. -This noise increases with engine RPM in or out of gear -It Does change...
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    Eaton Swap Gasket Kit?

    Does anyone still sell a package that has all the gaskets needed for the eaton swap together? I'm putting on a TVS next month and was looking for a package with all of it together. If not I'm just going to order them individually from Tasca. :beer:
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    Anyone running the 27x15'' 10.50 or 11.50 Hoosier qtp? Got pics?

    Looking at this tire for a drag setup on some Weld RTS and wondering who has them. I've read that they are stickier than the et streets and have less sway up top. I still have the IRS and will be running a 15x9'' rts with 6.5'' bs
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    Worth it to upgrade return line on Lethal budget?

    I'm going to be running a TVS on e85 with about 21lbs. Can't decide if I should just keep the -6an or go ahead and run -8/-8? Fuel specs are: Div x Hat 2 Walbro 465 pumps Div X regulator -8an Feed instead of stock line 80s Keep the -6 or upgrade?
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    Those with MGW shifters…Trouble with 3rd?

    I just put in my new orange handle mgw shifter and it's gorgeous. But trying to get it into gears while driving, particularly hitting 2nd to 3rd is like hitting a brick wall. So much so that one time my hand slipped totally off the knob and I pretty much punched my radio. :D Is this normal for...
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    For those who have installed Lethal Budget Return

    So I'm trying to decide if I want to install the system myself or have the shop do it so I don't have to trailer it up there. Those that have installed it themselves are you typically able to get it to idle properly without a new tune? My tuner is 2 hrs away and I have my doubts. It's the...
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    White Powdercoated Valve Covers?

    Does anyone have this done? I've seen every color to match but never gloss white. I'm considering doing this...maybe even wrinkle white with black blower. Thoughts? :burn:
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    BA-2600 Over 700rwhp?

    Any of you guys running the SCT 2600 maf over the 700rwhp mark? I know it's only rated for 700 but curious as to what you guys are running with the TVSs, whipples etc... Read about some resolution issues down low with the 3000.
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    New Air Setup in Garage

    Couple months ago I was stretching out the hose to pump up a tire, got bound up and pulled over my compressor. It broke the regulator and shattered all of the gauges so I decided to upgrade my hose system. 50 ft swivel retractable reel mounted to the wall. Shouldn't have any more compressor...
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    Got a small dent in oil pan...need some advice

    Well I was changing the oil today and was lowering the car down with my jack (under k member). I always use a 2x4 with a jack to keep from denting things up. Anyway when the car came down the 2x4 was a bit too far back and it dented in the pan some. It's not making any contact noise b/c it's...