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  1. FleeMan

    Anyone have problems with harsh 1st gear with spec 3 clutch?

    Not at all. You just have to learn some muscle memory with that clutch so you don't burn up the clutch. It took me about 30 mins to get used to it.
  2. FleeMan

    Anyone have problems with harsh 1st gear with spec 3 clutch?

    Same here. On and Off. No in between.
  3. FleeMan

    FOR SALE: Crane/Ford Roller rockers and Pushrods

    Was surprised to find these in a Fox I just bought. From what I’ve read they are a 1.7 and were found on the 93-95 Cobra from the factory. Everything looks to be in great shape, roller rockers operate smoothly. Everything pictured is $150 shipped.
  4. FleeMan

    Does anyone make a carbon fiber radiator cover WITHOUT cut outs for the latch? Contact that man. He may be able to help you out.
  5. FleeMan

    FOR SALE: SCT Xcal3

  6. FleeMan

    FOR SALE: SCT Xcal3

    It is unlocked as I just swapped for an Xcal4. Nothing wrong with it. Has 4 unlocks available since it had a tune and was returned to stock. $125 shipped
  7. FleeMan

    FOR SALE: 2004 Cobra clone, Whipple 4.0, 1000+ RWHP

    A one way ticket to Texas is cheap bros. Drive it back and enjoy the hell out of it. If you wanted to take your time, fly up on a Friday morning and be back by Sunday afternoon. Buy it!
  8. FleeMan

    FOR SALE: QUICKJACK BL-5000-SLX (110-Volt AC)

    Sorry man. Didn't notice he was in SC,
  9. FleeMan

    2002 Saleen

    Home depot has it at $1225. Open up a credit card with them and get $100 off instantly and you can combine a coupon at the same time, usually 10-15% off on top. Best deal I've seen since Costco doesn't have any currently.
  10. FleeMan

    Harpell auto fab

    He told me he wouldn't be ready with those for a couple more months. Price for those is around $1k but I would save up more since who knows if costs of material will go up from now to when they are completed. @Blkkbgt
  11. FleeMan

    FOR SALE: New gen 3 whipple 2.9 crusher

    Everyone wants the latest and greatest sadly. Like you said, no one is going to tap into its full potential. I picked up a Gen2 2.3, 600 to the wheels is fun enough for me. Wish I knew someone who was looking for this. Good luck man.
  12. FleeMan

    Harpell auto fab

    I picked up his rad cover as well. Perfect fit and finish. Took a little under 2 weeks to get to me since he's in Canada.
  13. FleeMan

    Enter the NSX...

    That paint is amazing.
  14. FleeMan

    WANTED: T56 transmission

    Roughly 2k.
  15. FleeMan

    FOR SALE: PA *Wrecked* 2003 Torch Red 43k miles $14500/best offer

    Did it sell finally? Asking for a friend.
  16. FleeMan

    Musclecarresort & The BYEPOLR Notch Get Moody

    My offer of tree fitty still stands man. Looks amazing!
  17. FleeMan

    2000 Cobra R #111 Build Thread

    **** the haters man, this is looking amazing.
  18. FleeMan

    FOR SALE: PA *Wrecked* 2003 Torch Red 43k miles $14500/best offer

    I was one of the dudes that offered him $10k for it and he never called me back, lol. Good luck man, I also agree, you should've taken the $12k.
  19. FleeMan


    Dude that got burned hasn't been on since March 1st. Was hoping for a happy ending.
  20. FleeMan

    WANTED: WTB: Terminator Rear Spoiler

    Go **** yourself you worthless piece of shit. @lucasraymond1945
  21. FleeMan

    Griptec pulley

    Yeah, I don’t use Lethal for anything because their prices are higher than everyone else’s and I have to pay a sales tax. This time around though, @LethalBlake helped me out with the price to get my business. Can’t really complain.
  22. FleeMan

    Griptec pulley

    I ordered mine through Lethal. Took roughly 3 weeks to get to me since it was dropped shipped from them. Same size as you are looking for OP. Only issue is that they claim a week to make but either Covid or backed up with orders, it took longer. So as long as you aren't in a rush, just buy it...