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  1. hus

    FS: STEEDA Firewall Adjuster and Quadrant $45 shipped! 01 Cobra

    Steeda Firewall Adjuster and Quadrant. Both have about 40 miles of use. Had a whole new motor installed and while ordering parts a whole other Steeda Adjuster, Firewall and Cable kit got order and installed so I have this used one up for sale. Both together = $45 shipped! PM or email...
  2. hus

    FS: Spec Stage 2+ Clutch, Pressure Plate & Bearing, 10 miles of use!!!

    Ok so I bought the Spec Stage 2+ and after about 10 miles of use decided to swap it for the Spec Stage 2 (no plus). You'll see from the pictures that it doesn't have any use. This same setup would cost you about $380 shipped new, yours (pressure plate, clutch disc and bearing) for $300...
  3. hus

    The Numbers Are In! MMR + V-2

    Well, I finally got the miles on the car and got it up to Dynospeed Racing for the dyno tune and numbers. There's good news and then there's "not so good" news. Good news is the car made 463rwhp and 404rwtq. That's up from the previous of 436rwhp and 390rwtq. The "not so good" news...I'm...
  4. hus

    My MMR Shortblock Build....Part 2

    Ok, since the other thread spanded about 4 months I decided to start this new one for fresh clean start. I'll explain the build, the parts and the price as I go along. I can post pics but to be honest, there is absolutely nothing that looks any different than before other than the top part of...
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    My MMR 4.6 Street Mod 800 has arrived...

    My MMR 4.6 Street Mod 800 Shortblock arrived at DYNOSPEED Racing the other day and DYNOSPEED came and picked up my car to do the install. I basically spun a bearing on my stock block and so I ordered the MMR with a 9.5:1 CR to go with my Vortech and Paxton Intercooler. I'll try to get some...
  6. hus

    Old Vid: Mazda RX-7 Flips at 215mph!!

    Couldn't find where this had ever been posted on here and I found it searching through my saved vids: YouTube - {UNBELIEVEBLE} RX-7 CRASHES AT 215 mph
  7. hus

    2010 Silver Roush 427R vid

    YouTube - 2010 ROUSH 427R Mustang
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    MM&FF Gulf Blue/Coral Orange GT500...paint scheme on 99-04 Cobra?

    I just got finished reading the June 09 Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords Mag for like the 5th time and I was reading up on the "Heritage & Horsepower" article featuring the Gulf Blue/Coral Orange GT500 and was wondering if there are any 99-04 Cobras out there painted the scheme or if any body can...
  9. hus

    Here's some advice. I had to learn the hard way.

    :bash: Ok so I bought my 01 Cobra in 2007. The very day I bought it the non-intercooled Vortech V-2 and my foot melted the number 6 piston. That was mistake number 1. :bash: Mistake 2. The bigger mistake however was getting a "friend of the family" mechanic that has worked on all my...
  10. hus

    Which shortblock would you build on, MMR or CHP?

    So I'm looking into building up a shortblock as a project for my 01 Cobra because I keep running into problems ever since I had my stock block rebuilt. I will be throwing my Vortech and Intercooler on the new block whichever it is. Any experiences with either block mentioned below would be...
  11. hus

    Flame suit on...Should I drive this to Mustang 45th Saturday?

    :rolleyes: My Cobra is down due to a series of Spec clutch install issues (see my thread: ). So I was still wanting to go to Barber's in B'ham for the 45th Anniversary...
  12. hus

    Need Clutch Install Help, Not Releasing - Spec Stage 2+

    My mechanic says he cannot get the clutch to release after installing it. He says its taking him both feet to push the clutch pedal down and then it will not release. Is there something he's missing here? He's installed the Spec Stage 2+ Clutch Kit, Spec Billet Steel Flywheel, throwout...
  13. hus

    Got some new goodies today!

    Just a few pics:
  14. hus

    Clutch turned to mush!

    Well, I figured it would happen. When I had my engine forged my mechanic replaced my clutch with one from Ford Racing and I had my Paxton Intercooler and a 2.87 pulley added to my Vortech and then had a new tune. Well my car went from 378rwhp to 436rwhp and from 345rwtq to 390rwtq, and after...
  15. hus

    Vid: Slow Acceleration vid of my 01 Cobra. Think I'm too loud?

    Just slow shifting nothing harsh. Just shot a short vid of my 01 Cobra today and I think I need to add some high-flow cats or something. Current setup: BBK LTs, BBK o/r H-pipe, Flowmaster mufflers and SLP exit pipes. The exhaust setup was on here when I bought the car almost two years ago...
  16. hus

    Pics today of my 01 Cobra, plus new dyno sheet. 56k go fishing!

    Ok here are some pics I took today after getting my new smoked lights and my Paxton Intercooler and few other things installed. I've also got a Mach 1 chin spoiler that I'll probably put on tomorrow. 378rwhp non-intercooled. 436rwhp intercooled.
  17. hus

    Ok, here is my new dyno extra info.

    You'll have to excuse the dyno sheets here because my scanner is not working properly so I took several digital shots with a not so good camera. First, I want to say WOW! :rockon: The car is very responsive and seems tighter (if that makes any sense). I had all the following installed this...
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    2010 Toyota Supra

    I hadn't seen this yet but I'm sure it's posted here before. Link to Article: "Toyota says the concept has a total 400 net horsepower, good for 0-60 mph in around four seconds, but has yet to project fuel economy or...
  19. hus

    More horsepower = more happiness? ...Filling the void.

    Ok, so I've been struggling with something for years. I have a problem being satisfied with material objects. I'm 30 years old, been married for 12 years, have 3 wonderful boys, and my wife and I have excellent jobs and do really well. I have a 2500sqft brick home with a 2 car garage that...
  20. hus

    Anbody seen this 426 Charger vid! ACCELERATION!

    I just thought I'd post this up. I own an 07 R/T along with my Cobra and saw this over on the Charger Forums. Claimed to have 750+hp...all motor. I don't know but I thought it was a cool vid: MVI_0092.flv video by Gilgameshhemi - Photobucket
  21. hus

    My buds 93 RX-7 Single Turbo 617rwhp!!!

    Some of you know that before I purchased my Cobra I had a 1993 Twin Turbo RX7 that I loved. It was fast at 2600lbs pushing 350rwhp @ 15psi but my buddy just recently had his on the dyno and MAN ALIVE! Just thought I'd share: YouTube - 20090227130753
  22. hus

    Adding an Intercooler soon...Any guesses on RWHP numbers?

    Ok so I called up DynoSpeed Racing yesterday and ordered the Paxton Intercooler setup to go along with my Vortech V-2. In June of last year I had my non-intercooled setup on the dyno at DynoSpeed Racing and had it tuned to a conservative 378rwhp and 345rwtq @ 6psi (in 94 degree heat). In...
  23. hus

    Plug choice for Vortech with lower compression pistons?

    Just checking to see if I should be running something different. I have the NGK tr6 plugs with .030 gap currently. But now my internals are forged and I went with a 9:1 compression piston and I have a Vortech V-2. Should I be running a different plug or a different gap with that compression?
  24. hus

    Vortech on 01 Cobra questions

    I've posted here before about wanting an intercooler with my setup so I apologize if this seems redundant. I have a Vortech V-2 on my 01 Cobra but it does not have an intercooler. I want one, but is it a must have? I know back when this supercharger was purchased that Vortech said an...