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  1. WyoTechMSA

    98 Cobra Vert FS/FT

    I am listing this for my dad, the car is an original Cobra with Saleen body parts. The motor is mostly stock besides a throttle body, MSD wires and full Magnaflow exhaust. The interior was recently redone in real black leather with red stitching, there are two different grains of leather in the...
  2. WyoTechMSA

    Polished exhaust teaser

    Until I get some better ones
  3. WyoTechMSA

    Viper Mustang, HELLZ YES!

    1998 Viper Mustang A beautiful car with exceptional reliability V6 5SP Sportiest car you will ever owned :rockon:
  4. WyoTechMSA

    Running extremely rich (I searched)

    So my car has been running rich for the past 2 weeks, code p1152 I believe. Something about upstream o2 reads rich or lack of switching, cant really remember at the moment. But anyhow, both front o2s are relatively new, and last week I installed new copper plugs gapped at .54 and the car got new...
  5. WyoTechMSA

    Laws regarding Volunteer Firefighters (and their vehicles)

    Couple questions. Are volunteer firefighters allowed to break the speed limit when they are on call to the station in their own personal vehicle? And when they have their red and white lights flashing (wherever they may be placed) is it other motorists responsibility to pull over? I have...
  6. WyoTechMSA

    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    kuruma, please never post again. Actually, can someone ban this moron? How many times does someone have to be reminded?
  7. WyoTechMSA

    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    Totally exceeded his bandwidth in that bathroom
  8. WyoTechMSA

    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    IDK man look at his other threads in his sig. He video tapes himself trying to talk to girls. Who does that? I have never read a story even close to that?
  9. WyoTechMSA

    Give us your best Twitter quote.

    A lot of you know about Twitter, as I'm sure a lot of you also know about TFLN (texts from last night.) We all know TFLN has some funny shit, but I recently looked on Twitter out of curiosity (no I don't have an account.) And I found this gem. I know you guys have seen, or can find some good...
  10. WyoTechMSA

    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    Its not funny because of what the guy comments, because any girl that likes twilight has already read every book in the series, BUT... OMG look at how many pictures there are of that girl :eek: Love yourself much whore?
  11. WyoTechMSA

    Who here plays Farmville on FB?

    I need neighbors!!! No joke I will add you as a friend just for the sake of having more neighbors on Farmville. Its the only reason I even have an account. I don't do shit on FB so if you add me or vice versa your shit wont be all cluttered with pointless updates, i don't publish anything...****...
  12. WyoTechMSA

    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    Is there something funny about the chicks I just dont get? Or is this now the random picture of whatever the **** you have on your computer thread?
  13. WyoTechMSA

    Fresh Prince of the Air

    Searched and found nothing
  14. WyoTechMSA

    Well its time...(motor advice needed)

    Stock 4.6 dohc, just basic bolt-ons, no boost or nitrous. Engine has over 160K on it, still runs strong but its starting to show its age. Lotta smoke on start up, starting to puff smoke pretty consistently actually. Gas mileage going down hill, and theres some valvetrain noise starting to...
  15. WyoTechMSA

    FS:17x9 chrome bullitts w 2 choices of tires

    I have a set of 4 beautiful, i mean perfect chrome bullitts. No curb rash at all, you'd be hard pressed to find the first blemish on these wheels. Your choice of 2 sets of tires, either 245/45 and 275/40 nitto nt555s or 245/40 and 275/40 kumho ecsta asxs. The 245 nittos have less than 500 miles...
  16. WyoTechMSA

    Just for you

    A quick all be it shitty teaser pic of my new look So you guys think my geo storm is hot? Some asshole in a mustang blocked my car in the picture
  17. WyoTechMSA

    WTT: custom 98 Cobra wheels for other stock 17s

    Looking to trade a set of 4 stock 98 Cobra wheels for any other set of stock 17s, tires dont matter. I would prefer a set of Cobra wheels, but would also consider a set of the split 5 spoke GT wheels. Would realy prefer local trade. Wheels ARE NOT for sale
  18. WyoTechMSA

    Complete top end of 01 PI GT Motor

    Everything you need for a PI motor, or PI swap for your older GT. All parts have approx. 50K miles on them. Would prefer not to part out but will consider if the offer is right, not really sure what these things are worth, Im not a 2v guy. $500 obo, pm me if youre interested in a certain part.
  19. WyoTechMSA

    Everythings finished!...yea right

    So as some of you know I recently did an IRS swap on my car, and until now ive had nothing but problems, but I finally got it all sorted, and here are the last pictures I have taken of the car Comments and suggestions are welcome, I can take criticism too so if...
  20. WyoTechMSA

    Car cuts out about 4K

    Its not too often that my car sees 4K plus but here recently Ive noticed that when I do get on it, as soon as it should start to set me back in the seat it actually just loses all power...throwing me forward in the seat. The exact opposite of what I want obviously. It had thrown a lean code...
  21. WyoTechMSA

    Bassani or SLP?

    Ok guys, time for this question to be asked. Ive had a MAC catted H and SLP LM1 catback on my car for over a year, loved it and will miss it now that it is gone. My current setup is a MAC o/r H and some form of very large Flowmaster, my guess is that it is atleast a two chamber as it is...
  22. WyoTechMSA

    Baltimore Orioles lose 30 to 3sus Jesus Id hate to be an Os pitcher tonight
  23. WyoTechMSA

    Rear brake nightmare!

    So Ive swapped the IRS from a 99 Cobra into my car, and at first it had a ton of bugs but today I have sorted most of them out, but right now I have one last, and VERY large problem to work out. When we reinstalled my rear brakes (My calipers but used the pads and rotors from the 99) we had a...
  24. WyoTechMSA

    BBK Offroad X F/S in VA.

    I have aw BBK O/R X pipe for a 99 Cobra, not sure what other years it will fit without modification, but I had to extend the o2s and enlarge the hole on one of the drivers side bolt flange on my 98 Cobra. Looking to get $100, would prefer local sale but will ship if not too far. I would also...