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  1. Great Asp

    Did you get shot for Rona or Not?

  2. Great Asp

    The Matrix 4 Trailer

    Okay, I'm not gunna lie. That looks amazing!
  3. Great Asp

    Ford Rolls Out 'Very Gay' Truck in Response to Homophobic Troll

    Having watched too many videos that are staged, what are the chances that the "troll" was a paid operative that purposely made the tweet, just so they could respond and look hip to the kids? When you say "it looks gay", you are not disparaging (with purpose, very important) any one person. The...
  4. Great Asp

    How did I miss this? Mustang hits 178MPH in Arkansas State Police chase.

    I heard they found 3 center caps off a MY21 Super Duty in the trunk... Tru story bro E ;)
  5. Great Asp

    I hate thieves

    Yup, he knew he hit it E
  6. Great Asp

    I hate thieves

    Yeah I gave him a chance to come clean, I do not believe in painting people into a corner if you are going to continue to have a relationship. But when he kept lying I knew it was over.
  7. Great Asp

    SEMA Partner to Require Proof of Vaccine or Negative Covid Test in order to Attend | Masks Too

    I was reading an article about the mask mandate in Vegas. Evidently it is the wild wild west out there right now. At least one casino was requiring a vax card and mask to enter. Others requiring masks, but they can't keep up with people taking them off. Sometimes this was getting ugly. My...
  8. Great Asp

    I hate thieves

    We had an employee. We asked him to drive one of the service trucks to a manual car wash place and use the sprayer to clean some PPE that was really dirty. I get a call from the car wash owner, chill guy, says "your employee driving your truck drove through one of my stalls and pulled down the...
  9. Great Asp


    Why did they move to Wuhan?, easy... "They got the bug" ;)
  10. Great Asp

    Terrible Name - Great Concept | The Ford Nugget

    I believe Butt Motors has already claimed that name.
  11. Great Asp

    SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME - Official Teaser Trailer

    Oh yeah, there were quite a few times they were in the same comic. E
  12. Great Asp

    Street dancer gets foot run over.

    Got out of the car in traffic, starts dancing, gets foot run over... Yup, that is about right
  13. Great Asp


    Ford's stock is almost exactly where is was 5-years ago. From an investment stand point, it's not been good. E
  14. Great Asp

    Robin swings both ways

    Meanwhile in manga.....
  15. Great Asp

    Dogecoin anyone lol?!

    Today has been a bull run, no doubt
  16. Great Asp

    Something new

    Sick, I love it! E
  17. Great Asp

    Dominican Republic, Who's been?

    Been to the Now Larimar twice. Stay in the resort, unless you go on a tour that is chaperoned. For us, the best part was just being on the beach (sometimes they have way too much seaweed), or at the pool. If you are going to relax, it is a nice trip. The food was "good" at Now Larimar. Not...
  18. Great Asp

    Suicide Squad 2... who's watching it?

    I watched it, no woke. It reminded me of Guardians except a penis and plenty of gore. It was good!
  19. Great Asp

    Suicide Squad 2... who's watching it?

    I have HBO so I will give it a try. But the first sniff of woke and I am bailing.
  20. Great Asp

    Question for those who take payments on your eCommerce website.

    Still using Paypal, we increased the prices to offset the cost
  21. Great Asp

    Stay Class Florida

    What's your name???? Tony! LOL
  22. Great Asp

    Invisible sculpture sells for over $18,000

    Psssh, I own a bunch of dem.
  23. Great Asp

    SVTP stock pick thread.

    Looks like GameStop will be offering a Crypto. GameStop Crypto or NFT to go live July 14, 2021 at 11:20AM GMT ? : GME ( Mid July GME may just take off! E
  24. Great Asp

    SVTP stock pick thread.

    It has one more down turn coming, mostly on the tail of BITcoin. The best time to buy Doge was yesterday. I bought @ .20, .18, and .17 I believe there is one more downturn and then it should take off. Remember coins in general for the normal person are a hedge against inflation, and...
  25. Great Asp

    build or sell

    "If you build it, you will come" LOL, built it and drive the piss out of it. E