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    Compressor surge and how to identify it

    I thought it may be interesting to post these findings on the explanation of compressor surge (flutterdump according to the video). Eventhough many of us may not have it, or many times just simply over look or ignore the issue. But I thought it would be educational for many of us to at least...
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    SoCal turbo cobras, lets try this out

    Try it before you buy it, no strings attached. Sounds good.
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    looking for a reputable shop/tuner

    I just recently moved to SoCal, San Diego area. Can anyone recommend any good reputable mustang or domestic tuner shops in the area. Someone especially specialized in Turbo cars.
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    FS: 2005 Kawasaki ZX6R

    i'm moving from florida to california, and taking a bike with me is just too much for transportation. therefore i'm going to sell the bike. it's a 2005 kawasaki zx6r. it has just over 2000 miles, the bike has been properly broken in. never went over 5k before 500 miles. schedule...
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    Spray that prevents belt slip

    so i've heard someone say that there's a glue texture like spray out there you can buy that can prevent belt slip on the blower, is that true? has anyone heard or know anything about that? damn.. is so, where can i get it?
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    Any mustang events going on in SD??

    so i'm in town for a few days (until sunday), and want to know if there are anything mustang events going on in san diego area...
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    FS: HP iPAQ h6300

    purchased on 2/26/05. t-mobile network (GSM). phone is in new and excellent condition. never dropped, no scratches or knicks. still have original box, booklets, CD, and accessories. car charger not in photo below, but will be included for the purchase price. send e-mail to...
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    Need info about San Diego

    mods, if i'm in the wrong forum, then pls move this post to the correct area. so..., i have a job interview lined up next thursday on the 12th at san diego. i've never been to SD before, and just wanted to get some information about the area. if everything goes well, i may just end up...
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    stock exhaust weight

    does anyone know how much do the stock 03 cobra exhausts weight? i'm selling my stock exhausts and i'm trying to figure out the shipping.
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    How much is my car worth?

    I'm thinking of selling my car as is with all the mods. How much do you all think my car is worth with the mods in my sig. BTW, I'm selling the wheels seperately.
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    how many miles on your odometer?

    when did you buy your terminator and how many miles on your odometer now? i bought mine back in 09/03, and now it has 15500 miles.
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    the movie: Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

    am i the only one who thinks that movie is kinda dumb???
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    how much does my car worth?

    so i'm thinking of selling the car, and would like to know how much would my car worth in a private party deal given if i leave all the mods. see sig for mods. trying to compare whether i should take the mod parts off and sell the car in mostly stock trim or leave everything. BTW...
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    Nitrous people, need your opinions here...

    so currently i have the Apten and a 2.80 pulley. i'm running 23 degrees of timinig and the air/fuel is @12. i dyno at 467 rwhp and 476 torque. the weather and humidity killed my power. i'm thinking of running a small dry shot through the MAF, do y'all think it's safe? if so, how many...
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    reason # 720385620 why Florida sucks !!!!!

    just went and got my car dyno tuned today, and the best numbers it laid down was 467 rwhp and 476 torque. :( and that is with 23 degrees timing, and A/F ratio of 12. it was like 90+ degrees outside and so freaking humid, it felt like i was walking around in a sauna room. :fm:
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    people with Apten & 2.80 pulley

    going in to retune my car tomorrow and i need some imputs from those of you (preferrebly in Florida) whose car is running strong. what's the optimal on the following: how many degrees of timing are you running on your car? what's your A/F ratio? where's your car's redline set...
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    Retune Needed for Throttle Body Mod?

    for those of you who have done the throttle body and plenum mod, did you need to retune your car? did the mod lean out your air/fuel? also, what TB did you get? ported or single blade?
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    Would this wheel look good with my car?

    wheel: my car:
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    What chip should i go with?

    here's the whole scoop, i had a tune on my car (superchip), but then my car was detonating like crazy (i guess it was the gas during winter time), so i had the car custom retuned. so now i already have a tune, but the tune is very conservative, and it has little to none timing before 3000...
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    so girls dont like me because i'm asian

    :( well... i've talked to many girls and i hit it off good with most women. for some reason, girls don't seem to be attracted to me. now i know i'm not ugly because my female friends would rate me a 7 on a scale from 1 to 10. so i figure i'd try the chat room. well, get along with...
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    99 to 04 clear headlights

    has anyone ever use these clear replacement headlights? does anyone have any pics of those on their 99-04's? are your headlights brighter afterwards? pros and cons?
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    by having a 03/04, has it change your social life?

    did it in any way make you more popular with people? or more hated with people? for me... it is a positive experience. it may sound shallow, but i made friends i never would have, and even my ricer acquaintences respect me more now that i have a cobra instead of a GT.
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    Those who blew their motors...

    what were the causes? it seems like every cobra motor that went boom either had a KB or on spray. any other reasons for people blowing their motors? i'm seriously thinking of a twin screw swap but i'm very afraid to join the statistics.
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    Bassani X pipe

    Where can i buy a Bassani X pipe i'm looking to get the Bassani X-pipe with the improved cats... where can i go to find the best price for it?