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  1. ctgreddy

    auto swap 4r75w terminator

    4r70 cobra here. I used a manual valve body, mainly because I didnt want to deal with shift controllers and still wanted some sort of "shifting" i had to do so it wasn't totally boring. Only thing you need to change in the tune is the speed sensor settings so it reads mph correctly. Very simple...
  2. ctgreddy

    Another Spiraled Winter Build...

    Unfortunately I very rarely datalogged my setup unless I was tuning it. From what I remember 155* was the hottest I ever had my iat2's at and that was after driving home from the track and doing a highway pull. I did have a 7gallon trunk tank but still stock intercooler core. Like I said in my...
  3. ctgreddy

    Another Spiraled Winter Build...

    boost was 22/23 pounds. factory lower pulley with 3.5 upper. had headstuds since last winter.
  4. ctgreddy

    Another Spiraled Winter Build...

    I only made the switch because Jeff gave me a deal I couldn't resist on the single kit. He went twins, precision 68/70's.
  5. ctgreddy

    2.9 whipple worth gains?

    Most of everything you've heard about with e85 is proably a Myth. People made it seem terrible when it first came out. I've ran e85 for 4 years now. I leave my car sit thru long Michigan winters with e85 in the tank and dont do a thing to it. It doesn't gum up or anything. I've had the same fuel...
  6. ctgreddy

    Another Spiraled Winter Build...

    I do all my tuning myself. I don’t like depending on other people to help/work on my car so most things I’ll take the time to figure it out on my own. A 6r would be awesome but too much costs for me. And no manual valve body kinda turns me off. If the 4r70 doesn’t hold up I’ll probably just...
  7. ctgreddy

    Another Spiraled Winter Build...

    You will not be disappointed if you attend! Only thing that upset me is that I didn't go to any of the previous year events haha.
  8. ctgreddy

    Another Spiraled Winter Build...

    Hopefully the ride made you sleep easier with your decision to go 3.4 lmao. Pleasure meeting you as well man! always nice putting a face with a name.
  9. ctgreddy

    Another Spiraled Winter Build...

    Been a while since I've been on here, figured I'd check in and throw up an update. End of the season I ventured down to Mod Nationals with a few friends. If you havent been to one of those races yet I highly suggest going, most fun I've ever had at a track and got to meet so many awesome people...
  10. ctgreddy

    Fore fuel

    I have a set of brand new, never mounted or had fuel ran thru them, Fore fuel rails. Asking $200 shipped/paypal'd. No fittings included just rails themselves.
  11. ctgreddy

    Fore fuel rails brand new

    like title states, have a set of fore fuel rails for 11-17 5.0. Never been bolted down or had fuel ran thru them. Asking $200 shipped/paypal’d
  12. ctgreddy

    Diamond Custom Pistons(10) and trend wristpins

    I've been lurking lol. Haven't posted in a minute tho. Gonna try and remember to come on here more!
  13. ctgreddy

    Diamond Custom Pistons(10) and trend wristpins

    I've had these sitting around for a while now but trying to clear space and dont plan on an engine anytime soon, hopefully lol. Anyways, these are custom spec'd Diamonds specs are: 3.552 bore 12.8cc dish(around 9.0:1) 1.221 compression height .240 Crown thickness .170 skirt thickness .110...
  14. ctgreddy

    Degreeing my cams - input please!

    cams should not effect iat2's, the sensor is in the top of the lower intake right behind the blower, nowhere near an exhaust port. For specs on this, I'd look up Todd warren and nicely ask him for help on where to degree them too. He can tell you what to do to increase driveability, altho that...
  15. ctgreddy

    When the stock ECU isn’t enough?

    All depends how high you want to rev it. If you want to go past 7k an aftermarket ecu is basically the only option. You're playing with fire trying to rev past that on stock ecu. But built motor with "only" a 2.6 it might not make a ton of power past 7k anyways. You can get the stock cluster...
  16. ctgreddy

    WTB sullivan intake

    I dont care for the looks of the procharger hat and dont want to deal with a2w anymore. I'm really surprised edelbrock doesn't offer one, they make one for a 2v but not a 4v it's ridiculous imo.
  17. ctgreddy

    WTB sullivan intake

    contacted him a week or so ago, it's been sold unfortunately.
  18. ctgreddy

    WTB sullivan intake

    Looking for a used sullivan intake manifold for 4.6 4v. Prefer with rails but will buy either way.
  19. ctgreddy

    Deadhead Return + E85 - Is a Hobbs Switch Needed?

    Another for no issues. I have dual 320e aem's tho. but ran it dead head for a while, then switched to traditional routing. 8 feed 6 return zero issues. At work we do a ton of fore systems and they're all atleast dual 465 setups, we dont install hobbs switches and all routings are traditional...
  20. ctgreddy

    timing chain replacement necessary ? and question on ARP hardware

    zero reason to replace the chain. OEM chains are very strong and with 18k miles there wont be any stretch. I just had mine off this winter and reused them, I'm over 100k hard miles. All personal preference on the 12pt vs 6. I like the 12 as like stated you get more contact area. Other things to...
  21. ctgreddy

    Stock oil gear question

    Very good idea changing gears. I just did mine over winter. Friend of mine broke his last summer, and it was even an auto/turbo car which is supposedly easier on them. Very cheap insurance imo.