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    GS-D3 or Nittos?

    yadda, yadda, yadda, search not working, yadda, yadda... I am in the market for new tires. My Cobra is a daily driver. It sees a little rain in Dallas and will never be driven in snow. Never go to the track, but would like to improve my 0-60 times. Since mine is an anniversary edition, I...
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    Can you run GY GS-D3 285/40-17 on front and rear?

    I will need tires soon. I am between Nittos and GY GS-D3. Regarding the Good Years, can I run 285/40-17 all the way around? Or only on the rear? Thanks!
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    How to get a great 0-60 time?

    I am planning some warrantee friendly performance mods this spring. No engine work. My service dept is good with suspension mods. I would like to focus on getting a good 0-60 time. My Cobra is an 03 vert (10th Ann) with a catback, CIA and shifter. I don't go to the track, so I am only...
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    Sound dampening the doors??

    First of all, I'm embarrassed to even ask this question! Most of you guys could work on your cars in your sleep. The most I've done is install the hood lifters and the MGW handle! I am getting ready to have a new sound system installed in the Cobra. As part of the install, I want to dampen...
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    Help me choose an amp for components

    I am planning a system for my 2003 Mustang Cobra HGvert. I am so confused on amps that it's driving me nuts. Here's what I want to do: Eclipse HU (probably the CD8454) Focal 165W (already have these) 2 Focal 5WS (either in the back or in the front leg area - I have these) Sub if...
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    I've seen this rubberized undercoating at Pep Boys. Has anyone used something like this on your car, like in the wheel wells? Does it reduce road noise? Thanks!
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    Speaker Sizes in the Cobra?

    Could someone tell me the speaker sizes that are in the 03 Cobra and the sizes I could consider if I want to replace the 460 system? For example, will 6 1/2" speakers work in the doors? Thanks!! Jeff
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    Speaker Sizes in the Cobra?

    Could someone tell me the speaker sizes that are in the 03 Cobra and the sizes I could consider if I want to replace the 460 system? For example, will 6 1/2" speakers work in the doors? Thanks!! Jeff
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    Removing Side Scoops?

    How do you correctly remove the side scoops? I have Cervini scoops I want to put on but don't want to damage the existing scoops. thanks!!
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    10th Anniversary Floor Mats?

    Someone posted a link for 10th anniversary mats and I can't find it! I want to buy another set. Anyone have it?
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    North Dallas - Good Service Department?

    Where in north Dallas (Plano area?) would you take your car to get subframes, bushings and a lightbar installed by skilled tech for a reasonable price? I bought my car at North Central Ford in Richardson. They have been great for regular service, but i don't know about these "extras" I want...
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    One Button for all windows down in a vert?

    Does anyone make a switch where I can roll all windows down at once?
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    New speakers for the Mach 460 system?

    I walked into a car audio store today thinking I might upgrade the speakers in my Cobra. The saleman said they would not recommend changing speakers only as the Mach system will not work well with any other components - I would need to replace the entire system. Is this the case?
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    Please, Make It Stop!

    I love my Cobra! But the noise is making me crazy! I had a Tri-Ax installed with a MGW handle (with the "sound damping" piece). The noise is driving me nuts! Especially in 1st and 2nd. How do I get rid of it? I want the tranmission quieter that stock. Any suggestions?
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    Tonneau Cover Questions...

    I want to put a hard tonneau on my vert. I also want to get the lightbar and windscreen. The 2-piece tonneau seem to be the most practical, but I wonder if they look as good or are as solid as the 1-piece. Can the 1-piece fit in the back seat in the event of rain? Also, any idea on the...
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    Magnaflow Catback with 4" Tips Installed!

    After much research on this site, I finally decided on a catback. I wanted more muscle than stock when I punch it, but tame when cruising. Special thanks to Bingo13 for turning me on to Kinney's Muffler in Bedford, TX. What a shop this is! Beautiful showroom, very clean with an extremely...
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    Exhaust Question - Rolled Tips?

    I am planning to replace the catback on my 03 Cobra. I will be leaving the stock H-pipe and want a catback that is tame during idle and cruising, but muscular (but not real loud) when I get one it. I've heard Bassani is a good option, but have never heard one live. I would also like rolled...
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    Help a Newbie before I do something really stupid!

    First of all, this is a great group. Through searches I've found many answers to questions I have regarding my Cobra. Don't laugh too hard, but I have a few more... I have driven company cars for the past 15 years - K-cars, Grand Ams, Taurus - you know, nothing exciting. A few years ago I...
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    10th Anniversary Cobra Grille Emblem?

    Has anyone seen or heard of a 10th Anniversary Cobra emplem for the grille? Just turned 600 miles on my vert - what a fun car!!! Jeff
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    New (Very Happy) Cobra Owner

    Just traded my 01 GT for an 03 Torch Red Cobra convertable. I had never driven the Cobra before. What a rush! I am thrilled at the improvement in power and handling over the GT - which I also liked. The Cobra is just in another league. What a fun car! I have been lurking here for a...