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  1. Topless03Cobra

    Aluminum or steel flywheel?

    Hey quys im ordering a spec stage 3+ and i was just wondering which flywheel would be better, the aluminum or the steel flywheel. Thanks
  2. Topless03Cobra

    New PB in the Lightning!

    1/8 mile times. 1st run: 2.21 60 ft. spun alittle [email protected] 2nd run: 1.96 60 ft. [email protected] 3rd run: 1.94 60 ft. [email protected] (New PB) Mods are dynomax mufflers and a k&n. On goodyear F1s :rockon:
  3. Topless03Cobra

    Need some photoshop help.

    Can someone put the wheels from the red cobra on the white vert please? Thanks
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  5. Topless03Cobra

    IRS Brace?

    Just wondering if anybody has the LFP brace? I know most have the BF just wondering if there is a big difference in these. Thanks
  6. Topless03Cobra

    Need help with pulley

    I have a question about the billetflow pulleys. Is the non slip pulley better than the regular pulley. I know its not going to slip as much but im wondering if it having the groves will shread belts easier. My friend had one with the groves it wasnt billetflow, but he keep shreading belts with...