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    03 ow coupe 9,3xx miles

    Ugh perfect looking coupe! Everything I'm looking for and local, but wrong time.
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    WTB:87-93 Notch

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    (4) Brand New Black AFS 18 Cobra W/ Michelin Pilots

    Bump for awesome set of wheels/tires for summer
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    WTB:87-93 Notch

    Unfortunately not, thanks though!
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    WTB:87-93 Notch

    I saw there is a thread already posted on here but didn't want to high-jack it, but as the title states, I am looking to purchase a clean 87-93 notch 5.0 car. Preferably manual, and relatively close to stock , but if it has a little work done it's not a deal breaker. Lower mileage a plus , not...
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    (4) Brand New Black AFS 18 Cobra W/ Michelin Pilots

    1800$ Memorial weekend bump
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    2001 Lightning --- Low miles

    Awesome truck , love the seats.
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    FS: 2003 Harley Davidson F150 - Two Tone - 55K Miles

    She's perfect. The want is real
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    (4) Brand New Black AFS 18 Cobra W/ Michelin Pilots

    Adjusting the price for weekend bump, 1900$
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    (4) Brand New Black AFS 18 Cobra W/ Michelin Pilots

    I purchased these intentionally for my 03 Cobra. And decided to go another route, rather than keep these in storage I'd like to free up some funds. (2) 275/35r18 Michelin Pilot Super Sport and (2) 295/35r18 Michelin Pilot Super Sport. Mounted on AFS gloss black staggered Cobra style rims...
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    18 inch Brand new set of 4 Michelin Pilot Super Sports

    As soon as I'm home I will post pic of username on paper with tires. Thanks.
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    18 inch Brand new set of 4 Michelin Pilot Super Sports

    Brand new set of 4 staggered. P275/35r18, and P295/35r18. Mounted on rims for Mustang Cobra, Getting them demounted so sale will only be for the 4 tires. Paid about 1250$ plus mounting and all 6 months ago, and never even put them on car yet. Brand new. Asking 1000$ Located in Atco NJ.
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    FS: 2003 SVT Cobra - 27,000 miles

    If this was in about 6 months I'd be all over this. Nice looking car!
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    Mint AEM Tru Boost and AEM air fuel gauge

    Purchased these for my cobra in May, and I am going a different route. Have directions and all wires and black and silver covers. Worked perfectly in my car. Below are links I bought from amazon with. Looking for 300$ I will post more pics tonight including #7
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    OEM 2003 Cobra Tailights

    Mint, Only reason I am selling is because I bought tinted ones. No chips etc. Came off my low mile coupe. Thanks. Asking 200$ Edit- As soon as I am home I will take pic with name/date on paper.
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    03 Lightning for sale low miles

    Super clean truck. I can vouch for it.
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    WTB: 87-93 Notch $

    Like the title states, looking for a clean 87-93 notch. Auto or manual, doesn't matter. Would like calypso or reef blue, but I know I can't be picky. Looking for lower mileage car, stock or somewhat close to stock. Located in Southern Jersey. Have the money set aside for easy transaction...
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    WTB: Oxford White, Comp Orange or Red 10th Anniversary ( Coupes Only)

    Looking for a OW, CO or TR 10th. Coupes only, must be 25,000 miles and under. Closer to stock the better. I know I'm being picky, so I understand it may be a while. Already have money aside so easy transaction :coolman: Located in Southern NJ. I can be reached at 609-805-3302 Thanks!
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    WTB: Notch

    Looking to buy a clean, rust free 87-93 notch mildly built, fuel injected. Want a street car basically. Located in Southern NJ, will travel/ship for the right car. Have cash and ready to make a deal ASAP. Cell: 609-805-3302 Email: [email protected] Thanks! Lets see what you have!
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    WTB: Oxford white convertible or coupe or Comp Orange coupe

    Finally looking to get into another terminator! Wanting a low mileage example (25,000 miles and under) minor mods are ok. Like the title says, I'm looking for oxford white coupe or convertible (would prefer a convertible), as well as Comp orange coupe. **EDITED - Would consider a 10th...
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    Whats your daily driver?

    Just curious as I'm currently looking for a daily driver. Looking for a XJ, but was wondering what you guys are driving. Damn Nj winters I need something 4wd lol:nonono:
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    Looking for Low Mileage Comp Orange or Oxford White Coupe...Who has one?

    Like title states, looking to purchase a low mileage Comp Orange or Oxford white coupe. Under 30k miles, the lower the better. Money ready, and wanting to buy. Would like near stock, but if the price is right, mods are not a big deal breaker. Thanks SVTP! :)