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  1. My Cobra

    Front brakes

    Will that rebuild kit work? I have searched and not been able to find anybody that makes the kit
  2. My Cobra

    Front brakes

    My front pass side caliper is leaking brake fluid from the caliper seal. I am having trouble finding some replacements in stock. I am looking at the wilwood 6 piston setup for the front. Looking at the replacement rotors and pads for down the road is around 700-800 dollars. So I had some...
  3. My Cobra

    WTB: center console, 3rd brake light, gas pedal

    I'm looking to fix a few things on my car so here is what I'm looking for: Black plastic center console, mine is stained. 3rd brake light, mine like everybody else's is cracked. Gas pedal, just the plastic cover is broken so it fell off. Looking for another.
  4. My Cobra

    Oil filter?

    I just sent my turbo off to be rebuilt. It was dumping oil like crazy. Turbo had around 6k miles. It is a ball bearing precision 76. They told me it was due to dirty oil. They told me that I need to run another oil filter on the feed line. What are your thoughts on this?
  5. My Cobra

    Few Questions

    I am looking to make a few changes to the cobra. Would like some input. We can not get E85 local here but can order it and would like to do a E85 tune for track days. My question with this is can i get a system that will work with E85 or will the system be too big for my 93 street tune...
  6. My Cobra

    Going Solid Rear, Need advice

    I have a person that is going to swap me a 04 mach 1 rear with Moser axels. We will both be keeping the brakes we have. I had a few questions: Car info: 03 cobra, stock motor, magnum t56, hellion single with upgraded turbo. Car makes about 16 pounds Should i change the gear from the...
  7. My Cobra

    2003 Turbo Cobra

    2003 Mustang Cobra Build number 1820 of 8394 Build date: 08/05/2002 Color: Black Miles: 54,XXX Price: 26,500 Interior : Black with gray seats ATTN: I am selling this car and my 14 GT/CS to buy a 13/14 GT500 or C6 Z06. Please don't waste our time with trades for other items or low ball offers...
  8. My Cobra

    FT: IRS for Solid

    I am looking to trade the IRS out of my 03 cobra. It has 50k miles, low profile IRS bolts, Borla Stinger cat back, Thicker diff cover, the rest is all factory. I am looking for a rear out of a mach or a built solid. My car has a Magnum T56 so the drive shaft is not OEM length. I have my...
  9. My Cobra

    PA Alternators ?

    Looking to swap the alternator in my 03 Cobra. It is a 01 Cobra alternator (Turbo setup). I have the battery moved to the trunk and a A1000 fuel pump but no huge audio systems. I want to buy one that will work great and not have to keep swapping it. So question is which would you guys run and...
  10. My Cobra

    New HVAC system

    I am looking to replace my HVAC unit. I know a few around here have posted about getting their systems done. I think we also have some HVAC tecs on here. So i wanted to get some opinions on what i have been told by local vendors to make sure it is correct. Problems with current system: Part...
  11. My Cobra

    Automatic surge on cruise

    I have a 2014 GT / CS automatic with 10k miles that will surge while on cruise. I have noticed that it only does it while its under load. So if i set the cruise at 60 or 70 and go up a mountain or bigger hill it surges. The surge feels like somebody is pressing the gas pedal then letting off...
  12. My Cobra

    WTB: Mystichrome

    Looking for a 04 Mystichrome. Coupe. Looking for more of a fair deal than a extreme low mile collector car. Let me know what you have and where you are located. Thanks!
  13. My Cobra

    2003 Cobra Single Turbo True Forged Wheels

    Delete Delete
  14. My Cobra

    Guess the HP and TQ (Turbo Cobra getting tuned)

    Well after a turbo build the car is off to the tuner this week. Guess the HP and TQ. Below are the mods (Let me know if i left anything out): Hellion single set up with upgraded Precision turbo Aeromotive A1000 with 80 pound injectors Borla Stinger catback Stock T56 with RXT clutch...
  15. My Cobra

    16 inch Mts on wheels

    26/11.50/16 inch tires on some 16 inch wheels. I took them in on trade and do not need them. Will trade for other parts but would rather sell them outright. Trying to clean out the garage of a lot of spare parts. 300
  16. My Cobra

    345/30/18 BFG Drag Radials

    345/30/18 BFG Drag Radials. Located in Franklin NC. I bought these from another member and never ended up using them. I have 19 inch TF wheels now so will not be using them. 300 for them.
  17. My Cobra

    Sullivan intake worth the money?

    What are the advantages of the Sullivan intake over a ported 99/01 cobra intake? I hear that you will lose low end power but i am not sure if that is true. Single turbo stock 03 cobra motor. They look nice just not sure what the advantages of that intake are over what i have already.
  18. My Cobra

    How long to wait?

    Well its been almost a year and a half and still my car is not finished. At what point do you pick up your car and get your money back? Single hellion turbo setup on a 03 cobra. I also did a sump fuel tank, lines and 26 spline clutch kit. How long should that take? What is fair to pay to have...
  19. My Cobra

    What insurance for your cobra?

    I have had Geico for about 15 years now. No tickets, no wrecks, nothing of that nature. I was shopping around to see about getting a better rate on my cars. When calling some of the insurance companies a lot of them told me they do not offer insurance on the cobra. why is this? so what...
  20. My Cobra

    Track times ?

    I was wondering what kind of track times you guys have with your current set up. I have a stock motor with a precession upgraded and T56. Will be going to the 1/4 mile this summer. What is your set up and times if you want to share?
  21. My Cobra

    Trying to find my old 99 cobra

    I sold a 99 cobra back in 2006 to a guy on ebay. I can not remember what state he was from. I know it was north of North Carolina. Have any of you see the car since 2006? Here are a few pictures:
  22. My Cobra

    A1000 Videos?

    I hear the A1000s are loud. I am putting an A1000 and pump controller on my 03 now. I wanted to see what they sound like. Anybody got any videos of them on their cars?
  23. My Cobra

    Tire shop damaged a CCW

    Went to the tire shop to have some tires taken off of a set of CCW wheels. Loaded them in the back of the jeep to find this: They put the plastic on the arm to not scratch the wheels. They put the wheel on the machine upside down since the front lip was too big they said. They put...
  24. My Cobra

    Fuel pump issue

    I have a glens sump set up. I am running two 255 external pumps on my car now. One of them burned out. Should I step to an a1000 with voltage regulator so it does not run hot? Replace the single pump that was bad? No e85 here. Running stock motor with t76 hellion precession kit. Pushes 18...
  25. My Cobra

    precision turbo

    When you do the precision turbo upgrade on the hellion kit does it come polished? I have one on my car but it is not.