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    where's the southern indiana people's at?

    Just seeing who all are from here. Went to a car show here in evansville and met a dad and his two sons who were the nicest fellow SVT nuts. was a pleasure to meet nice people. AND damn they had one HELLA stable. :thumbsup: Matt Mc-G
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    Looking for owner of a white 99 in old is it?

    Sorry to start a thread like this. But years ago I had to sell my white 99 snake to a nice fella in the Chicago area. I live in Evansville, IN. He had a Lightning as well. I just wonder how the car is doing. I regret selling it everyday! My friends and family know to not bring it up! Never...
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    1999 Cobra F/S

    Hey everyone. I just bought a dirtbike so the Cobra needs to go. Don't wanna do it, but I need to. It's white with tan interior. It has 40k miles on the clock and it is immaculate. I'm taking offers. No low ballers please. I'd like to get as close to book as possible...this car is CLEANER...
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    2001 Black Cobra in my city

    Hey everyone. There's a REALLY REALLY nice Black 2001 Cobra for sale in my town of Evansville, in the southern tip of Indiana. I don't know much. It JUST hit the lot. No paper in the window so I don't know mileage. It's a VERY nice car. If anyone is's the lot's site...
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    need wax help/suggestion

    Hey gents. I used Zaino last year and I loved it but hated the small amount for the high price. Any suggestions? I know you guys have some ideas for me!haha I also want a good swirl remover. I wanna get my paint to the next level this year and those swirl marks and water spot etchings HAVE to...
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    SRT8 not impressive.

    This really isn't a kill but I I was heading down our local expressway...came to a red with a nice view of zero cops mind you....and a sweet, black Charger SRT8 pulls up next to me. I wasn't in the mood to race being out for a nice late night mellow cruise. Light turns green...
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    WTT: 99 Cobra for Lightning

    WTT: Perfect low mile 99 Cobra for Lightning Hey all. Yeah, a near perfect, babied, one owner(before me), white 99 Cobra with 38k miles. I want a Lightning...period. I had it traded and the guy's dad sold the L out from under I have no Lightning now. I already have approval from my...
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    need carfax

    Hey guys. I need someone to hook me up with a Carfax on the Lighting I'm lookin at. PLEASE? here's the VIN: 2FTZF0732YCA58749 ANY help would be great. If you can, pass the VIN on to someone if you know they can get it for me. Here's my e-mail if you get it...send it to me. I REALLY appreciate...
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    thinkin about coming to the other side......

    Hey guys. I own a nice white 99 Cobra with 39,000miles. Someone wants to trade me even for a 2000 Lightning, black!, with 54,000 miles. I, of course, want it! I LOVE Lightnings. LOVE that whine from the other side of the firewall. SO basically, should I do it? Are there any issues with this year...
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    new halfshafts or not?

    Hey fella's. Read another topic and didn't want to jump in it. So... I'm getting 4.10s for my car along with all the irs delrin/aluminum goodies. Is it a good idea to get new halfshafts since I'm getting 4.10's and stiffening the irs? I've have been told that the half-shafts will break REAL...
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    a front end rattle

    Hey guys. Need help. Since I've owned the car I've had a rattle in the front-end. I hear it with the windows open when there's a curb to bounce the sound back to me. It's DEFINATELY on the passenger front(my wife hears it too). It's a higher-pitched rattle i hear when hitting bumps. that's it...
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    STILL need spring help..with pic!

    Still tryin to figure this out...which springs will do THIS?
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    Another for fine guitar lovers

    I just picked up a new PRS Custom 22....I also own a 1980 Gibson Les Paul Custom Silverburst...a rare beauty...the girl on the right is a ES-135 Gibson...and it sounds meaner than ANY guitar..seriously! The PRS is the best guitar I've ever laid hands on...and I've played hundreds. Check...
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    Hate to admit it here(read)

    ....but i think it's fugly. The ass end is as bulky as a 400 pound fat woman's ass....the nose is too tall...the front bumper cover's overall square profile is ricer-ish(along with the Saleen version and the Rousch version).....and the wheels are mundane, unappealing crap(needs SOME lip....can...
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    Another needing spring decision help

    Hey Gents. I know this is beating a dead horse BUT you all are the best info no matter what the scenario Trying to pick some lowering springs for my car. here's my details. -I want to go as low as possible and still have a decent ride -I plan to have long tube headers soon after! -who knows...
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    Another Noob here!

    Hey all. I've been posting for a few weeks, but I never formally introduced myself. My name is Matt McGuyer. I'm from Evansville, IN(southwest tip y'all..haha)I own a 1999 White SVT Cobra. I've had it for almost 2 months and I love it. I'll se you around.laters taters Matty Mc-G :pepper:
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    Lowering spring choice

    I need yet more help. I want to lower my 99 cobra. Which is the best? I've seen lots o people with the H and R ss springs? I think thats what they are called. Where can I get them? Is there a better choice? If you have pics of what you suggest, post them up:-) Matt
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    I need rim choice help(who doesn'thaha)

    I have a white '99 Snake coupe. Here's what I'm thinking. I originally wanted black rims but everyone's doing that lately. I'm one up for something different. here's the choices...a few are on a different side. I may try to find someone to do a Photoshop for me. White 18" Bullitts(selling...