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  1. HillbillyHotRod

    Hooligan rabble rouser From Ozarks of Arkansas
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  3. TerminatorCobraJP

    Well-Known Member 20 From MO
  4. 90lx

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  5. freebird50

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  6. SkipBuxton

    Well-Known Member From Midwest
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  7. venom1997

    Screwed by the Twins 37 From albuquerque new mexico
  8. 3B99SVT

    Top down makes me smile From Decatur, AL
  9. RonMexico

    Member From Minnesota
  10. wizbangdoodle

    Inslee is an Idiot From Land of Loonies
  11. plumbcrazy

    Well-Known Member From pennsylvania
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    Well-Known Member From Conroe, Texas
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  13. leecar83

    New Member 40 From Pulaski, TN
  14. sleek98

    Well-Known Member From Kansas City, MO
  15. dale.baker

    Active Member From Pawleys Island S.C.
  16. Morgan

    Well-Known Member 45 From TX
  17. TK1299

    Meh From Houston, TX
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  18. 11socal50

    Member From Ventura, CA

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