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    Would You Purchase a Re-Painted Terminator?

    I'd buy a repaint in the oem color. Personally: if I wanted a non oem color I'd turbo/coyote swap an auto v6 and do a feauxbra
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    Fuel Economy?

    3.31 is better for cruising mileage. Doubt you'd ever save enough gas to make swapping gears worth it.
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    Vmp 2.65r

    i'm planning e85, standalone, and magnum trans as well. likely won't be long before i need axles too lol.
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    Boost gauge no longer working

    could the bypass be stuck open?
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    Vmp 2.65r

    Once I get it done, sticky tires are going to be obtained. The nittos turn loose pretty easy already lol
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    Vmp 2.65r

    Pullied stocker. Pretty much doubling my boost lmao
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    Vmp 2.65r

    Head unit, pulley, gt500 tb. I already have a carbon fiber jlt cai, and I'm probably going to move to an aftermarket ecu so new maf isn't a benefit
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    Vmp 2.65r

    Got mine ordered. Tracking shows it arriving tomorrow.
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    Vmp 2.65r

    Gt500 likely
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    Vmp 2.65r

    Yeah, I'm probably going to order one of them come Monday. Already have a jlt intake, so it's a better deal than $600 off the kit.
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    Question about Dyno results

    Torque is way down on the 2nd chart. That's why it feels slower. Should be the other way around with more airflow and e85. I suspect tune is way too conservative
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    Who wants to win a $500 Lethal Performance gift card???

    I'll try most anything once I SHOP WITH LETHAL
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    Car revved itself up to 8k rpm’s , turned it off won’t start now, only crank.

    Wonder if a major vacuum leak might be the issue. You'd be getting a bunch of unmetered air so not enough fuel to start the engine. If the throttle isn't stuck open that's the only other thing that makes sense yo me.
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    Looking for advice on high quality heater core. Don't want to replace this PITA again.

    I doubt there are any available that are measurably better. If you don't drive much in the cold, best to just bypass it.
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    Vmp 2.65r

    Maybe one of the folks that's done it will chime in. I'm going off of info from someone else about the intercooler being an impediment to significantly exceeding 800. For 30 psi to make 1k hp, you'd need roughly 350hp naturally aspirated. Tall order for a 281 @ 8.5 static compression ratio...