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  • Hey bud, saw tou mentioned having a SY very for sale ... Was wondering what you were looking to get out of it ?

    Feel free to text me as I don't frequent the forums much.

    Matt (330) 398-8985
    nice. I think the X pipe is going to be too loud for me so I think I'm getting the Borla Stingers and the BBK o/r h pipe
    I was wondering if I could talk to you about your exhaust... that is what I want to get done on my car :) love the sound! beautiful car!
    I have h&r's super sports with no isos. They ride a little rough and makes going in and out steep entrances tough...speedbumps are a different story. However, I love the stance, but I'm going to be installing iso's up front to try to bring the front end up a tad.

    Here are few pics:


    hey can you send me some pics of your car i really like what you have done to it. Please tell me what suspension you are running too you have to perfect stance
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