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Mar 11, 2021
Dec 9, 2014
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XW Coyote

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Mar 11, 2021
    1. T.Jones
      Hey man seen you post about having a PCM modified to remove the pats anti theft and wated to see if you could tell me who you had doing it? I've got one myself that needs doing thanks!
    2. CPRsm
      Hey sorry. Kinda difficult to get back to visitor messages on here. You just want the brace that holds the turbo to the engine right?
      Yeah Inwould post it up in the coyote section. People will definitely want to see it.
      Maf will go in before the throttle body. Need to make it the least turbulent as possible for drivability. O2 ideally go after the turbo. Before the turbos will skew the reading from back pressure.
      To load pics look at places like imageshack or photobucket. You upload the pics there and take the link they give you to post on boards.
    3. XW Coyote
      XW Coyote
      That's ok thanks for quick the reply. no harm in asking hey.

      I think we will have to make forward facing log manifolds. I just thought that if I could buy a set off you, I would be able to adapt them to my application

      We have the engine and trans sitting in the engine bay. We have removed the shock towers and inner guards and replaced the whole front end with a new coil over shock set up. The engine looks like it was made to go in there. We will be making new inner guard panels so we have a little room to move. At the moment the minimum head to inner guard clearance is 4". I think that we will need to make a forward facing log style manifold.


    4. CPRsm
      Hey Neil,

      Sorry but we don't sell the headers separately. I really don't think they'd fit either way. I did classic Fords for a very long time. The frame width would give you problems in relation to the exhaust ports on the mod motor. Sorry I'm not even sure where to send you to get a set. I don't know of anyone that separates them
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