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    Post one newer pic of your ride (EVERYONE!!)

    Got the car washed up this weekend with the help of a buddy. He has a 2020 GT that's getting boost shortly.
  2. WIST2013GT runs 10s in stock Charger Hellcat RE

    GLD - My home track. Nice.
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    Want a block to hold 1300+ without sleeves?

    Hey John! I'm looking into putting a motor together and I love the combo you went with. I have started a little parts sheet and was hoping you could take a quick peak and see if I missed anything: The prices are mostly quick Google searches so pay no attention there. I'm looking to see if...
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    My 2011 GT is getting a VMP Gen3R!!

    In my experience weight doesnt affect it too much as you are already moving fast enough. I can tell you my car went 5.96 and trapped 138 at ~3700 pounds. This is the general consensus I have found: whp 60-130 s 400 10 450 9 500 8 550 7.5 600 7 650 6.5 700 6 750 5.5 800 5 900 4.5 I think my...
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    My 2011 GT is getting a VMP Gen3R!!

    Do a 60-130 where you will have traction and that could give a better power indication.
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    2013 GT/TVS/6R80 track times

    Great work Riddick! What are you plans for the old short block?
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    Built Motor Information

    Thanks for the detailed responses guys. I really appreciate the insight from all sides. For reference, the car has a VMP gen 3 setup at this time. I would like to see the car run bottom 9s and 150 trap speed. I think at this point it would be out of fuel pump and maybe injector so that's...
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    Built Motor Information

    Thanks John, that is exactly the response I was looking for.
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    Built Motor Information

    I know there aren't many people using forums anymore, but I was hoping a couple guys with 11-14 cars might still be here. I am looking for a ballpark price on building a gen 1 coyote from guys who have had it done. I was quoted $2500 to have the motor pulled and installed, and $7500 for a...
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    ATSV updated dragy 60-130

    Thats fast. Can I get a reminder of mods and roughly what you have into it? I'm shopping for a 4 door and this is on the list. Seems there are a lot of duds out there for every fast one. Fueling issues galore..
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    Single cab F150 11.09

    Pretty cool. What pulley is it on now?
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    Unboxing the ultimate steaks! Warning: serious bragging ahead.

    Looks good. How do you prepare them?
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    What are your winter car plans?

    4. What brand? Streetable I assume? I have been looking at brakes as well. Ever think about a tubular front end? RSM makes a street one for the S197 thats 63 pounds off the front. I have been eyeing that too..
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    My 2011 GT is getting a VMP Gen3R!!

    Sorry I didnt see this until now. My car is 3540 with a full tank. I'm 200ish so I'm guessing on race day it was shy of 3700 with a 1/2 tank. It hooks well, 1.51 60 foot and I was still dialing it in. I added an ARB since then and a catback (my 9.9 was with stock OAP and mufflers lol). I have...
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    4-Digit HP | VMP 3100 TVS Superchargers for Coyote and GT500

    Cool write up. I wonder what is would cost to have my Gen 3 non R sent in and ported/fit with the 3100 pack.. I need a built motor first though :(