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  • Hey Jay,

    Hope all is well in your world. Depends how serious you want to get. I always say my favorite setup i ever had on my cobra was when it was 600rwhp with a kb 2.2. But a properly setup TT cobra i love too. For what you do i think you would have more fun with an E85/TVS car. If you buy the TT car are you trading yours for it or selling it outright?

    I haven't bought anything yet. The guy that bought my car asked me to buy it back but i decided against it. I've looked at everything under the moon it seems in cars but can't make up my mind on what i would like next. Good to hear from you!
    Hi Blake,

    Long time! Hope you're well buddy. Just need an opinion....I'm looking at either building up my fuel system on my now TVS cobra (prob about 600 rw) for E85 to get 700-725 rw, or buying a nicely built TT car that dynoed at 842 on 93 octane. Given your experience, which would you recommend? Which would you think would be more fun? Thanks, Jay

    Ps...any rides up your sleeve these days?
    Hello sorry to bother you but I was looking at the forums and I was wondering, what is your opinion on the Proxes R888. Currently i am making Low 700s at the wheel. And also the gear is 3.27. Thanks for any support.
    Just wondering if you still have the 2.8h for sale I live up by wisconson dells area. What area in Ill are you located. I will be traveling threw Chicago thurs.
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