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  • The RACE SPEC is the ultimate fix for the sloppy shifting of the MT-82. TOTALLY transform the shifting experience. Let it the THE FIRST mod money you spend. Good luck with your car and thanks for the compliment!
    Awesome car! I just picked up a white 2014 last week. How do you like the MGW race spec shifter? Any issues with shifts since installing it?
    Your car looks amazing!! How do you like the ride of the Sportlines and what size tire on those 19" wheels?
    Thanks and I wished I did live closer....lol. I've also got my money on a 2.9 Whipple too. Are the LT's a pain to install on the garage floor?
    My old background comes from a '88 LX coupe that had a R302 TFS High ports and a single 88mm making 1177 rwhp and 1097 rwtq @32psi thru a TKO Tremec. It ran 10.0'[email protected] on street tires.....lol. I built a dart blocked 427 with twin 76mm units, 2-speed glide and a 25.5 cage but lost interest, sold everything and bought a 2012 new Charger Superbee.....got a family of 5 ya know......well I also bought dodge Durango and decided I didn't need two family sized cars and traded the charger for the new stang and really like it. I'll definitely keep you posted.
    Man, if you lived closer I'd help you with the LT install. They look and sound stellar!!!!!! As for wheel size, get the ones you want. 20's are nice, but IMO you'd need to slam it to get the proper "look", which I didn't have the suspension for so I settled for the 19's and cut 1/2 a rung off the front Sportline spring to drop it down some more in the front.

    LMK and post pics! I'm here if you need something, just post up.
    Thanks. I've followed your progress and thanks for all the stuff you've tried and shared for all to make a choice. I am getting LT's next with an OR system and the cat back dynomax system thanks to you. Do you have any pics of your car with 20's on it? I thought 20's were the way to go.......hmmmmm, got me thinking again.....lol.
    I have the SVE drifts. 18's are too small and 20's are too big. I've had them all and 19's look the best IMO.

    Thanks for the compliment !
    Hey, you have the nicest looking red Mustang I've ever seen! How is it that low on Sportlines? Is it just the angle of the pic in your signature?
    I have a question about your jegs cat deletes, are the o2 sensor bungs welded in or did they just drill a hole in the pipe and thread it, i just got mine in the mail and they just have holes drilled in them and its threaded for the o2 sensors and its pretty crappy for $200 pipes. Mine are also the stainless version. I cant tell from your picture if the bungs are welded or not.

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