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    E85 700+ RWHP Cobra Build

    I was about where you are now. Keep posting as you go. Mine is still apart. I sold my VMP, replaced with a Crusher 3.4, ID1800 inj, triple 465 pumps. Haltech free standing PCM. I'll probably break a ton a shit, already broke the bank. Please keep posting, gotta see where you go.
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    MM subframes

    Has it been raced or maybe a wreck that wasn't reported ?? I think mine was not reported and hit in the back. My drivers door has a wide gap at the top. The sub's are already in. They are tubes with top strips skip welded the full length. You should check the tracking, cross measure to see if...
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    18x11 or 18x10.5? Offset/Backspacing Help Needed

    I use 11x17 with 5.5 back space. rolled lip just for extra safety. You could up to 6.75 and have clearance in and out. I use 28 tall so I had to stay out of the inner wheel well.
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    IRS Bushings

    FTBR Control arm Delrin and solid Diff bushings, MM solid subframe mounts. Let the suspension move, not the subframe.
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    Thoughts on this drag setup?

    I use 17x11 Billit Specialty's wheels with 5.5 back space and MT 305x45x17 rubber. 28x10.5. N2MB 2 step with shift control and 4000rpm launch. Clutching is the important thing. Shock load breaks any drive train. A little load against the line lock and lift your foot up, no side stepping. Never...
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    Rough Idle on Startup, exhaust smells rich

    I take it this didn't happen before the S/C rebuild. Mine used to run good from a cold start and when warmed. If I shut it off for a short time it started rough and rich with NO low end power, had to throttle up a slip it a little to get going. The power slowly went down so I went in for a full...
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    Cold air intake

    The right parts combination is great to have but nothing beats a live tune.
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    Melted drivers side pistons

    When mine lost power we pulled it and found 7 8 piston and cylinders were damaged, melted pistons blue cylinder walls. My builder said it's common on the left head to over heat those pistons because the water dead heads so to speak. Their is no outlet on the back of the head, it drains from the...