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    What to do when you aren't close to e85

    Damn brother... You need to get laid
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    Which Idler pulley kit?

    I've been running the UPR double bearing set for the last two years and they're still smooth and noise free. Went with them mainly because I liked the look of them better than the Metcos. Lower price was a secondary benefit.
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    What did you do for your Terminator today?

    Thanks Guys! I've been going to this show since it started 4 years ago. I'm definitely seeing more love for the Terminator recently.
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    What did you do for your Terminator today?

    Brought home some hardware yesterday!
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    Our journey, buying a 67 fastback mustang

    Getting a pretty nice collection there. I always thought it'd be really cool to have a car delivered like that. Congrats on the addition!
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    Twin Disc Pedal Pressure? (Mcleod rxt)

    Not sure why that fitment note is there? Unless mine was an earlier model before they supposedly "discontinued" them? My cable from them was identical to original. I never said you were a fan either, but you had a AM link above that's the only reason I mentioned it.
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    Twin Disc Pedal Pressure? (Mcleod rxt) BTW, I just did a clutch replacement and the link above is the same as the OEM 03-04 Cable. Not sure I'd trust anything from AM anymore. I realize they're a vendor here but poor service is poor service and...
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    Twin Disc Pedal Pressure? (Mcleod rxt)

    Hello.... Is this thing on? "tap" "tap".... I literally gave you the link to purchase the OEM ford clutch cable for your car in post #16 of this thread. Once again... LMR has them in stock!
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    Owners with a 4 post lift...

    Damn man! Now it's a shop! My shop build is temporarily on hold but your shop keeps giving me ideas and envy. I keep going back and forth on 2 post or 4 post? Looking good!
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    Twin Disc Pedal Pressure? (Mcleod rxt) LMR has them. Also if your questioning the cable try spraying some WD-40 into it to verify that's your issue before buying. Some guys here had success by just lubing the cable.
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    New Cobra Owner need some advice.

    I have to agree... aftermarket blowers can whine. My TVS has plenty of whine at 17 psi. Can't wait to get her on corn and bump it up to 21psi. It's a slippery slope but my vote is ditch the eaton.
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    K Member Removal for Long Tubes - Alignment Impacts

    His info is spot on ☝️. Also just to add that if you haven’t purchased the harbor freight engine support bar yet I highly recommend it for this job. Works very well for $80.
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    What did you do for your Terminator today?

    I have Kooks 1-5/8".
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    What did you do for your Terminator today?

    I’m not sure on the exact model but the size is the 12” tall I believe. I had to walk the car up to that height with jack stands which was a bit sketchy but I don’t plan on using the pedestals that often. I mainly bought them for installing subframe connectors but decided to use them for the...