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    C8 Z06 670HP NA FPC!!

    the LT6 and LT2 for that matter have a dry sump oil system, with the LT6 having a much better version of it. that should help with the oiling issues FPC's have. it seems they did their research on the flat plane crank and went with a ground up design, and at the very least included a cartridge...
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    Solo Road Trip

    i'd like to do such roadtrip but to hit the tail of the dragon some day. highly recommend some sort of paint protection film or at least 1 of those bras for the front. the front of my car has all kinds of paint chips and the front bumper feels like a cheese grater(plastic...). This is from doing...
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    Rolex Reunion 2021 photo dump

    probably an RAUH-Welt Begriff (RWB) build. the gulf livery GT40 hmmmm
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    2023 C8 Z06 news

    sounds pretty good. will be unveiled this fall.
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    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS real. Substitute teacher, 30, in Georgia arrested on 19 child molestation charges | Daily Mail Online
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    "Home Invasioner" Floyd Didnt DIE From A Knee.....

    he had been put in the back seat of a cop car, while in the car he kept saying he couldn't breath and was able to force himself out of the car. thats when he was put on the ground and the rest happened. this is all on video.
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    New Apple iPhone 12 Line-up Announcement

    key difference between the 12 and the 12 pro is the cameras, and screen size i believe?. the main upgrade this year was the 5G internet. for most people LTE is perfectly fine except for those times where you're in a crowded area. 5G is supposed to alleviate that with more capacity.
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    SVTP stock pick thread.

    academy sports & outdoor IPO tomorrow (Oct 2nd)..believe its ticker is ASO.
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    Cost for dyno pulls?

    local dyno basic 3 pulls is usually about $80ish, on dyno days ive paid $40-$50 for 2 pulls.
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    Diesel dyno carnage

    when u ask for all the boost and its enough to send the engine out to space.
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    2021 Nissan 370Z Prototype

    the current rumor is it will have a V6 TT, so it should have a VR30DDTT (from the red sport) with 400hp. should be an easy 450rwhp with a tune and maybe some e85. it will have a 6sp with an optional automatic.
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    Trump: vets are "losers" and "suckers"

    Atlantic Editor Admits Key Detail of Anti-Trump Hit Piece May Be Untrue