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    Post one newer pic of your 99/01 Cobra (EVERYONE!!!)

    01 cobra, 5.0L stroker, .030 over, ported heads, blower cams, p1sc 2.8 pulley, over drive crank. All the other normal stuff. Sent from my SM-G955U using the mobile app
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    Aftermarket tensioner

    I thought mmr and bgg made a beefed up one. Something i still need to do. Sent from my SM-G955U using the mobile app
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    New build, backfiring at idle?

    I run Tr6 at .034" without issue. Sent from my SM-G955U using the mobile app
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    I am looking to get the oil breathers set up. Just wondering anyone else has done this on and if they just blocked off the 2 pcv vents and just used the oil breathers oil cap. I was planning on getting the one that includes the catch can since i am FI. If i were to block off those ports what are...
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    ngk plug part number

    Okay makes sense. Just wanted to make sure there was no seat height difference that would change plug clearance. Thanks. Sent from my SM-G955U using the mobile app
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    ngk plug part number

    so there isn't a difference in size of the plug sticking out of the bottom of the head between the 9 thread and 4 thread heads?
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    ngk plug part number

    I have a different set of heads on my 01 now with the short spark plug threads. does anyone know the part number for the NGK TR6 plugs that would have a short thread? Also with my old heads i believe my plug gap was .032". Should I still run .032" with boost between 15-18# on these ? Thanks
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    Metal fuel retainer ?

    Yes its the metal clip that needs to be released to get fuel line off of the outlet of the fuel hat. I tried to get pic up but keep getting an error.
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    98 Cobra build....8 years in the making

    Man I feel for ya. Same thing here. 7 years. Let sit for a few year due to being pissed off. Then machine shop took forever. Finally about done. Hope it all turns out good for ya.
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    Metal fuel retainer ?

    ImI trying to find a part number for the metal fuel line retainer inside of the fuel hose from the tank hat to the hose going to filter. Any help appreciated.
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    03 cobra fuel pumps

    Hey, Looking for 03 cobra fuel pumps. how much for both? do they come separate or together with the fuel line on? thanks
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    2001 cobra no start after install.

    Finished install and cranks but no start. Has spark, 40psi fuel on the rail. No faults showing. When pulling plug to check for spark they were dry. So appears to be no fuel being injected. Injectors have power. What else should I be looking at? Oil pressure sensor, fuel pressure sensor. What...
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    In tank fuel line

    Anyone know where to find replacement fuel line that's on the pumps? or a part number?
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    Cutting a cobra crank

    Just a guess, but I would think it would depend on the size options for bearings. Need a machine shop.
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    Fuel Tank vapor valve

    I've never taken one out, but I imagine there is a plastic lock ring from the bottom perhaps.