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    Driver Front 02 Sensor Wiring

    I have been able to confirm my wiring, thanks guys!
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    Harpell auto fab

    I have his AN version PS tank. Amazing quality and highly recommended
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    Driver Front 02 Sensor Wiring

    Yes I've looked, thank you.. I haven't been able to find the answer and I'm no expert with schematics.
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    Driver Front 02 Sensor Wiring

    Yeah basically looking to confirm if my wiring above is correct, need someone with a T56 harness handy to check it, if possible! I've swapped trans, so I lost that O2 with the harness gone. Looking to add it back in, utilizing the same main harness plug (any regular 4.6L plug works, just snip...
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    Driver Front 02 Sensor Wiring

    Does anyone know or can anyone confirm front driver side O2 wiring into the trans harness/pins? From what I've been trying to figure out, I've come up with this but without a T56 harness in my possession i am not 100%.. O2 Grey = Grey w/ Red --> Pin 10 O2 Black = Red w/ Black --> Pin 5 O2 L...
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    Trans Cooler Location W/ Low Mount TT

    Mine has a fan, but I read that mounting them flat really reduces the cooling ability - "dope mounting" as everyone's calling it online
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    Trans Cooler Location W/ Low Mount TT

    I don't mind mounting it inside the trunk / well with holes for the lines to go down and up to trans, I can make any kind of brackets needed etc. Just can't think of anything else on my own haha, that's definitely an option though. Wonder if it would be okay under the "floor" carpeting inside...
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    Trans Cooler Location W/ Low Mount TT

    Hey guys n gals, Looking for ideas for fanned trans cooler locations for a low mounted twin turbo car. Everything I've seen online is basically where the driver turbo sits - driver front corner infront of the wheel liner. I swear I've looked my car over too many times and can't find a suitable...
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    My Battery Relocation Project (MANY PICS!)

    Bumping an old thread here, Can anyone confirm the relay pinouts? Hard to tell since the bundle is all covered in loom 86 - BLK - GND 85 - YLW - From White/Red wire in front harness 87 - RED - Fused ??Amp, going to solenoid post with battery feed? 30 - RED - going to "i" terminal? And WHT to...
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    Water/Meth: Alky Control VS ProMeth

    To start, living in Canada has made E85 a non option for fuel Done alot of researching, but haven't been able to find good answers beyond 10yr old threads which I feel could be alot different now adays... Who's running water meth, and what kit is it? Seems to be Alky Control and AIS (ProMeth?)...
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    Auto swap - interlock cable? Clutch switch?

    Hello all, Just a couple of questions regarding an auto swap cobra. First, the auto shifter interlock cable. To install this, is it possible? I know on an auto car (factory) the 3 wires for the interlock plug come out of the harness in the footwell next to the center console and obviously...
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    Underhood switched 12V for scavenge pump ?

    Awesome thanks!
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    Underhood switched 12V for scavenge pump ?

    Hey guys, finishing up my twin setup and looking for where everyone has pulled the relay switched 12v source for their scavenge pump? I saw online Hellion says fuse 18, but they dont say how to connect it to that fuse...
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    HELP evap line on turbo setup

    I know im bumping a really old thread here but I'm curious to know what everyone does with this hose?? I'm also trying to figure out what to do with mine after going turbo.