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    Drinking the purple koolaid - Switched to Royal Purple

    I made the switch to Royal Purple today. I didn't know it was actually purple til now. I went with the HPS 5W-30. I will start buying it online from now on -- def cheaper than Orileys. Seemed surprisingly "thin" for oil. :shrug: While the car was jacked up, I switched back to the drag radials...
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    2013 GT500 vs CTS-V

    Just some random fun. I let the V take the hit. 2013 GT500 vs CTS-V - YouTube
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    02 sensor - tune question?

    I have a fault showing up as a driver side rear 02 sensor. It actually came on right after the header install. I thought that maybe the car didn't like the headers without a tune. After the tune went in, it obviously did not go away. Is there an issue with just having the tune with 02 sensors...
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    Indianapolis Meet and Greet - Sat Mar 30th

    Indy Deleted
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    Cervini side exhaust or FRPP exhaust?

    I am stuck between ordering the Cervini side exhaust and the FRPP exhaust. Anyone run the Cervini exhaust? I am curious how obnoxious it will be with headers and a catted H-pipe. I don't mind loud, just don't want it to be annoying (ly) loud. I plan on hitting the "BUY" button by this evening...
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    Pulley removal problems

    Pulley removal -- what am I doing wrong? I have done this a couple times on my older GT500. I have never destroyed a pulley like this. About ready to throw some wrenches through the windshield (and this is why I could never be a full time mechanic). :nonono: I am bending the pulley sides in...
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    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    Disturbing --- much better choice of words.
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    Custom Tune advice

    Mods going in car: Kooks 1 7/8ths headers Kooks catted H-pipe New plugs 2.4 supercharger pulley JLT intake 65mm dual throttle body Here is the question. I want to run a 75 shot of nitrous as well. Do I need a separate tune for that? I have already paid for a LUND tune, just curious if I need...
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    Aftermarket install charges?

    Just curious what others are paying to have headers, gears, pulleys, springs, etc installed... Mike Raisor Ford gave me a rundown today of what they will charge for everything. It was a total of 1750 for the following: Kooks LT headers and catted H-pipe - 600 3.73 Gear install - 400 Eibach...
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    Let the build begin

    Thanks to Birddoc, Devious Snake, and others for being the first to test so many go fast goodies for us. Car is finally home in the garage. I am heading to Mike Raisor Ford Monday to see what all the dealership will install for me. Great group there that does a fantastic job. This thread...
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    Garage Renovation

    Well, it's time to redo the garage. I have no idea what I am actually doing, but I have a good idea of what I want, kind of... I only know what my budget is -> shooting for 15K, but would venture to 20K if needed. We have an odd garage -- more of a garage in a garage. The original garage...
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    Upgrading the car... without the car

    Anyone else have a bunch of new parts to go into the car they ordered? I started gathering all the parts for the new car that has been on order twice for over 12 weeks. Pretty much everything I have came from Lethal or Revan. I can't post anything on the new car, so figured this would help...
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    Wait on current order or go with confirmed allocation?

    Just curious for some input. I ordered a Coupe on Jun 9th and agreed to 1,500 over MSRP. I was told by the dealer that I had an allocation when ordering, but I am figuring out now that I don't. I can't get any decent answers from the dealer. Another dealer (found through PenFed) has an...