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    Random Acts Of Kindness?

    I try to when I can. Last Friday I left my side gig of delivering the Mexicans in the back asked me if I could go to the sketchers store for them. I went 10miles back and forth for them. The chef hooked me up with a spiral ham on Thanksgiving couldn't say no. Lmao
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    Time changes suck butt

    Nothing more depressing then going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark. Oh and nothing more annoying right now with a side gig of delivering food and ppl never have a light on...
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    At what point do you think you'll stop caring about having stuff?

    I have realized now almost at 31 with a wife 3yr old boy and a 1yr old daughter im trying to slim down with things. Even with my prized coins I've made some nice profits but had 2 let go. Even if i died without owning a house my dumbass came a long way LMFAO
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    End of an era for me boys...

    Man that sure has some memories packed in there!! Toys come and go and hopefully you'll have better memories with the next one!!
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    WOW Insane speed in the standing mile !

    Wonder what he blew..
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    Moving To Kingsport Tennessee! Yea Buddy!

    Congrats OP this thread sure put a smile on my face. I can relate to the NE if someone you dont know looks at you for more then 2 seconds ur like what's this asshole looking at haha. When i was in FT Knox for a short period of time i loved everything about it. It's apples and oranges when u...
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    Special Order 2021 Super Heavy Duty

    Congrats that truck is stunning!!
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    1966 F100 450/510 Raptor Crate Engine 10R80

    That truck is just hands down awesome!!
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    The cross road state Indiana

    That's good 2 hear hopefully i will have some luck on my side in the future!!
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    The cross road state Indiana

    I would do it for that if the work was steady enough etc. Im pretty sure 80 would get u some comfortable living in most areas?
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    The cross road state Indiana

    Are you talking about 80hr in the check or total package? Only way im getting that close to it here is if i work a Sat or Sunday which is rare these days. Yea pretty reasonable don't life check 2 check and have good credit. Still lot's of iffs to make this happen