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    cabin filter

    has anyone changed there cabin filter ? owners manual says it behind the glove box. I have not found it yet. thanks
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    nx plate kit with accessories.

    nx plate kit complete with- progressive controller wot switch n2o outlet switch panel purge bottle heater bottle opener $800 shipped 936-414-3111
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    circle d 2c tq coverter

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    sve drag wheels with tires

    17/4 fronts and 15/10 rear . these are the dark stainless 275-60 et pro on rear 185/55/17 m&h on fronts tires have about 10 passes $1200 prefer local texas sale
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    procharger d1sc head unit

    procharger d1sc head unit dyno time only. upgraded to f1. bought a new bracket from procharger to put it on 302, plans changed. $1500 for all shipped.
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    built motor for trade

    anyone in east texas area needing a built motor ? its basically a low compression aluminator, only with arp main studs. this is the original motor out of my grn13. it was pulled because bought aluminator to replace it. decided to do a coyote swap fox after fitting it in. I went ahead and...
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    paxton 2200sl

    sold 2sv_ROegjUE
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    new flywheel

    from a aluminator. never used. $100 shipped
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    need auto trans cooler asap

    anybody got one laying around ?
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    new ford racing 8 bolt flywheel

    come off new crate motor. we run automatic so no use to us. I have two $100ea 936-414-3111
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    new flyweel

    I have 2 new flywheels the come off Aluminator motors. we run autos so no need for them. $100 ea. 936-414-3111
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    335-30-18 and 295-30-18s toyo proxes r888

    brand new 335-30-18 and 295-30-18 toyo proxes r888 $900 for all four. 936-414-3111
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    kooks coyote swap headers

    New coyote swap headers. opened box and mocked up headers on engine stand. decided to go turbo. (also have a Paxton 2200 for sale) $800 shipped 936-414-3111
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    mahle pistons

    anybody know who may keep them in stock ? looking for for std bore piston for a budget build.
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    wtb radiator, a/c condensor, and trans cooler

    for 11up stang. thanks