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  • Hi Steve, How much for 2 Weld RT-S black wheels 15x10 ?
    Shipped to Eugene, Oregon
    Zip code: 97401
    I'm looking for more info on a slim fan set up for my single turbo 2013 5.0.
    I seen you mention a flex-a-lite setup.
    Do you have more info on this? Can I purchase this from you?
    Steve, I'm in Miami with a '12 GT 5.0, I'm interested in buying and installing BMR UCA/mount, LCA and reloc brackets in the near future. Do you guys offer installation? If so what would be a ballpark installation cost. Thanks in advance, JBL.
    Hey Steve, I have the magnuson tvs 1900 on a 2012 ford 5.0l f150, the truck also has a 3.0 inch pulley (.300 smaller than stock) long tune headers with hi flo cats, 3" true dual exhaust, roush intake ... What would u guys charge for a tune for this thing, no one can seem to get it right. Even local tuners
    What kind of springs are included in The FRPP Handling Pack that you guys have for $325?? Is there a possibility for a little more detail & information on that package? I am very interested in purchasing. Thanks Steve!
    Interested in the Ford Racing Handling Kit; can you get Steeda HD mounts as well for a 2013 Brembo GT?
    Hello. I may be interested in the roush stg 3 supercharger as well as their suspension package w/anti wheelhop kit. If i just buy the parts from you, can you give me an estimate installed out the door? Thanks!
    Hey steve its chris the guy with the camaro at the meets. I was wondering can yall get me some weld rts wheels?
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