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  • Hi Jeff, love your ride! Have to ask about the drag wheels/tires. Are those SVE? Do you leave them on for daily driving? Thinking about this set up for my '12 GT to minimize wheel spin but I work 30 miles from home, mostly highway. Only drive in summer in nice weather. Any advice/tips would be appreciated! Thanks a lot!
    I gotta be honest with ya man. Your reply about the condition of the paint is talking me out of buying the car. Not sure exactly what you meant by your description. Was it painted poorly or did I misunderstand? What concerns do you have about the car? I'm very picky but I also understand it's a used car and I'm okay with flaws or problems as long as I know exactly what I'm up against. I plan to SHOW and RACE the car locally. Is there anything that would keep me from doing either? Also, I rarely keep a Mustang longer than a year so I need one that will be an easy resale. I would have to fly to NC without a return flight home so I can't have any suprises If I am to buy the car and drive it back home to Utah. Almost 70k miles is also a concern I have. If I am to strongly consider buying your car, I will need to see CURRENT detailed photos or video of the car both inside and out. I also need to know what comes with the car. The ad mentioned two sets of wheels etc. Thanks, Tom
    Jeff, I'm interested in your Mustang. I have owned 17 mustangs in the past 20 years and I am looking to purchase number 18. Would you be willing to send me the vin so I can run a Carfax? Also what do I need to know about the car? Any dents, dings, scratches, chips, rips, tears, drivability issues, weird noises? You know, the usual. You may call me anytime 801-814-7010 Thanks, Tom.
    Dude, I have seen your 5.0 around town and I ****ing LOVE it. We need to meet up sometime when I get off of this deployment, that thing looks so god damn good.
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