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    New Sig Pic Please :D

    Hi Guys! Would someone mind making a sig pic for me? I'll post a couple pics and doesn't matter how you use them, one is better quality than the other, so if it would be better to just use one that is cool! Much appreciated!
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    Part of timing cover broke off when replacing pulley...

    Ok I was replacing the pulley's on my Crown Vic CVPI and just started to tighten the bolt that goes into the casting of the timing cover and the casting snapped off. Any suggestions on a fix? Thanks guys :) :beer: BTW I was like WTF how did that happen, I barely applied any torque on the...
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    Nothing to see here

    Move along little doggies!
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    Favorite Harley?

    This one is my favorite one, I had to at least drive it to see if I wanted to own one. I think it will be in my stable sooner than later :beer: Which one is your guys favorite and why? I mainly like the bike for it's looks, everyone and their brother seemed to come up to me and talk about...
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    Holy rain batman

    We had 8.01" of rain yesterday and 15.91" for the month so far :rockon:
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    New toys for the bedroom :)

    Bought some new goodies today: Yamaha RX-V663 receiver Bohlender Radia speakers Energy subwoofer WOOT I bet you guys thought I was going to be dirty hehe.
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    Roofing insurance question.. the floodgates of hell attacked my house!

    We have had some really bad weather here in the past couple weeks and the other morning I was wandering through the house at 4:30 AM and heard splash splash splash from the basement area... Low and behold the roof was leaking Eep! After I got done panicking and crying softly to myself I...
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    Bought a new toy today..

    Got a nice little 1985 Yamaha XJ700 :beer: :beer:
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    Buying a new motorcycle

    I am in the process of buying a Honda Blackbird 1100XX, I was wondering if anyone on the board has one and what they thought of it. Thanks for any info :beer: -Zach
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    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    Please don't post the dog .gifs anymore, or Larry will give you guys a vacation. I think I cleaned all the nastys up.
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    Bought a CVPI..

    Does anyone happen to know the specs on a '01 CVPI?
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    Loose meat sandwiches...

    ...ROCK! That is all.
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    "Yo, yo, yo.. check it out!" Superbowl Ad's

    Official Superbowl commercial thread Which one is your favorite? Mine so far is either the Shaq Vitamin Water one or the Richard Simmons Bridgestone one.