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    Super Chips Tuner

    Part Number 1724 Micro Tuner. 100.00 + 5.00 Shipping Paypal only
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    Predator and Mafia

    250 for both. Still have parts from the cobra left over. Pay pal preferred Thanks
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    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    I could not stop laughing for a good 10 minutes
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    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    YouTube- Mad TV - George 'Dubya' Bush ft Li'l Dick Cheney - Country S
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    So this is the replacement for the cobra for now

    I was getting tired of driving the family car around, so i wanted that speed factor back that i had in my cobra. So i got this!!
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    The A-team the movie

    IMDb Video: The A-Team: Trailer #1
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    Sony's New Product NSFW

    I found this funny YouTube - Sony Releases Stupid Piece Of Shit That Doesn't ****ing Work Sorry if its a repost!
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    Fastest drift IMO

    I was watching the highlights of nascar a few weeks ago and saw Jaime McMurray drift at about 150-160 It looked cool so i thought post it. YouTube - Drifting Nascar Style HD
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    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    I fell out of my chair and laughing for 10 minutes now
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    You got knocked the **** out

    I nearly pissed myself when i saw this. Especially the slow mo and Joel's comment. So sorry, i didnt realize i didnt post the link YouTube - G`s to Gents knockout ...."the soup" clip of the week
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    Taxes and new candidates

    I got a email about some facts about the new candidates. INTERESTING DATA JUST RECEIVED ON TAXES Spread the word..... This is something you should be aware of so you don't get blind-sided. This is really going to catch a lot of families off guard. It should make you worry...
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    People in Construction

    I just wanted to ask the people in construction on how busy they are. West coast is slow so far, hows the rest of the country? Thanks guys, i know its not auto related. :beer:
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    GT 500 Vs 03 Cobra

    Hope this is not a repost, but i found this pretty cool. Sorry if it is. H2H Ep5, GT500 Vs. SVT Cobra - Video
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    Selling the Cobra. No work, car has to go.