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    Another cases study in why ICE is not going away

    Funny you say that as guess what emergency and military are exempt from this, which just shows you what a cluster this is going to be for all of us down the road.
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    Need a knife for my son, ideas?

    I use the cousin to Kershaw, Spyderco Endura 4. As both are under the same company. They also make everything from 2" up to 6" for Spyderco
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    Fuel prices near you

    I'll add jump off an effing cliff....
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    Fuel prices near you

    $3.39 now NE-Ohio a few has 87 as high as $3.45 Thanks Ahole when are you going to die is all I want to know.
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    A years worth of difference.

    So is the deer still a pet? First thing I notice in the first picture. And the first weekend in November I am going to be going to Newville Pa. Out in the middle of no where. That is what I sort of thought of seeing this.
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    For The Buick GNX Fans!

    When your avg age for a new vehicle buyer is 72 years old, that is why as Buicks image at least here in N America is a stogie one.
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    For The Buick GNX Fans!

    And yet all the Kool Aid drinking Demon owners think their mass produced Challengers are going to be worth over a million dollars. I always point to the GNX and say guess what they only produced a fraction of these and they are no where near a million. Again I would rather have a 20 to 35,000...
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    Frying Pan Into the Fire -- Chip Shortage

    So where is this great big and rich deposit of rare earth minerals at in North America??? Hum I'll wait for the evidence there slick (Farley)
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    Performance wagons

    Not really a sport wagon but a 2005-11 5 series wagon might also be something to look for. Just that if anything went wrong expect to pay the BMW tax for replacement parts.
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    SEMA Partner to Require Proof of Vaccine or Negative Covid Test in order to Attend | Masks Too

    Oh your talking about SEMA is 6 weeks away and so we need to get what usually takes 2 years to do and cram it all in. But I agree most normal people are sick and tired of thr chicken littles running around with their heads cut off saying how evil and deadly this virus is. If that was the case...
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    Am I crazy or is this a good idea ?

    Why would you even think of using the SOHC gutless no torque wonder 4.6L is beyond me? As you could get a DOHC 4.6 or 5.4L and be far far better in power and power delivery. And all you would need is different engine mounts for the Bronco as I think all of them during those years was V8 be it...
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    Tales from the "Dark Side".

    And they had to go psudo Ferrari for the Vette, I totally can not wait until the owners get to fork over a small fortune when the warranty goes bye bye to get the cam, timing chain, oil and water pump fixed when 75% of the car has to be disassembled to get to the engine. Guess what the C5 to 7...
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    Zero Turn Mowers

    No I said French FT-17 light tank or the grandfather to the modern tank with it's hull rotating turret and engine in back. Unless you are like the Argentinians or Israelis and put the engine in front with the TAM and Merkava.
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    Zero Turn Mowers

    Of course you can do what this guy did as he turned one into a reproduction FT-17 French light tank. But adding almost 400 lbs of wood, steel, and various other stuff it was never meant to carry has put a strain on the transmission and so he has I think either replaced or fixed it 4 times since...