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  • SID, could you please change my profile name from Terminator X to D'ZR1 Messiah? Thank you in advance good sir!
    Hey SID, a guy a bought some parts from isn't getting back with me. He says he shipped the stuff but hasn't sent me a tracking number or hasn't responded to my latest messages. What do I do from here?
    Continued.... A couple of the guys called them & they said they cannot sell to individuals, even in a group buy. So you know of anyone at Ford or GST that you could talk to? I appreciate anything you could give us to start with.
    We were talking on the Mystichrome Facebook page about the leather. Seems that TMI is out & they do not have any more leather left. It was said on Ford's website that Garden State Tanning in NJ did the original leather.
    SID... New to forums in general. Where can I find market rules? Have a few items for sale in SC. Thanks.
    Sir, Any help with a station selling E85 near you? Figures after I switch and heading to MW I hear Tiger Mart doesn't sell anymore.
    I haven't checked recently.
    After the update to the site, I lost my old username/history. Any chance you can help get that back? Used to be 96cobra96
    Hey wanted to get my latest post removed. If you could remove it please. Thank you
    SID, if you could, can you email me at [email protected] or [email protected] It was brought to my attention I had been breaking some rules and that is not my intent and was not to my knowledge, and one of your admins (03cobra#694) had told to me contact you, but he turned off my PM's so I'm not able to, luckily this is still open.
    Just a heads up, the search feature isn't working properly. Example, you put in Watts Link, nothing comes up, put in Mustang, nothing comes up, put in a jumbled word mess such as Mustang, 5.0, GT, Watts Link, Blue Car, Transmission, and whatever it may be, and still nothing works no matter how simplistic or complex the search is.
    Hey Sid297, I heard that you decided to moderate my posts because you are upset about the success of HPK. I just noticed you were on my site a few minutes ago. If your upset about something, let me know so we are on the same page. I know this is your site, I respect that - your show your rules, just let me know whats going on if you dont mind...I had to go through different mods just to get the scoop.
    Hi Sid, how are you? I have a question and favor to ask you as owner of this site. I am trying to get collectors vehicle status for my 2003 sonic blue cobra coupe. To qualify for this I need a letterhead from a recognized car group saying that this car is a limited production car with only 1,052 sonic blue coupes produced in 2003. My name is Frank Koneschusky and if I could have you fax or email me something like that I would really appreciate it. Have a great day and thanks for your time!
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