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    I need a 95 H-Pipe

    Consider taking it to a shop.
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    98 mustang cobra starting and fuel issues.....need help

    You had better start with a list of all parts you have already replaced. This will help you get to the heart of it sooner imo.
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    95 Air Bag Light Help
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    Does a SRA hurt the value of a 03/04 cobra

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    95 Air Bag Light Help

    You need to get a reader and get some codes, otherwise you are just going to be blasting parts. Innova sells an obd1 ford reader that has good ratings....imo you do not want to waste time reading blinking leds, especially should you have several codes.. Also pick up a real ford wiring diagram...
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    MG 2001 Cobra Terminator Swap - Build Thread parts and tools are in the other bedroom and some are in the LR; although the LR is slowly being cleaned up. My wife is a jewell. If you are married, your wife is too.!
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    New Deatcsh fuel pump seems to be working well---but has strange noise?

    Also..thanks all!! I forget to say that a lot!
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    1998 Fuel Pump Help

    First..I thought the 1998 was a returnless system...or just uses a pwm pump?? And I am just going to say this is just surge guess, You can just buy a cheap FP and canister and put the new pump in that. The stealth has you drill a surge hole about 1/2" above the bottom of the...
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    ProEFT Tuning - Compound Boosted Terminator

    So roots gives you power/torque at low rpms and snails take over at upper rpms? What are the rpm bands and overlap of each sc?....and are turbos different sizes and in separate bands?... just wondering.
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    Heat issues (again)

    Yes there are threads about the air damming. They may be in autocross or roadracing threads. But might be in corner carvers or corral. I can go through my word docs and look for them. They are pretty old threads. None of them have any decent pics.
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    Questions regarding modding in the right direction …

    Yup...folks always looking for that dyno peak and got nothing in the useful rpms. Besides torque down low is what gets you out of trouble...or gears that get you in the higher rpms quicker.
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    Questions regarding modding in the right direction …

    I thought it started filling out the curve at around 5k rpm on the 96-98?
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    New Deatcsh fuel pump seems to be working well---but has strange noise?

    Ok..not my thread...but..related to the DW300M. When I took the fuel filter out and connected directly to the FP only a bit of fuel spit out. I found that my check valve had become unseated from the canister cover. It had slipped the tiny screw that holds the check valve housing into the...
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    (Put your detective hat on) need to troubleshoot a couple issues

    I would watch fuel pressure when she is having trouble starting or under-performing.
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    Sad little Cobra

    268 rwhp is precisely what you would get na...sooo guessing sc is doing nothing. I don't know FI at all.. FI members will chime in to help you.