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    15 F150 Long Term Decision

    It's easier to just trade and get the new one but realistically you might be surprised how big of a difference some upgrades and a professional detail will bring back the truck to what you want.
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    Pet Peeves

    I've passed 2 people last week who hit all of my driving pet peeves at the same time. Driving in the fast lane under the speed limit with no cars in front of you but holding up traffic a mile behind you, while a phone glued to your face in a car that I know has bluetooth to talk on and then when...
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    Another high school shooting. Three dead so far...

    On a semi related note my wife is a teacher and forgot something she needed for class today. She asked that I bring it by her school and drop it off at the main office on my way to work. I wondered if I was going to walk through the door into the school or what. They only have 1 entrance open...
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    Anyone else noticing a motor oil shortage?

    We’ve still been getting our bulk oil as scheduled here at my dealership but our prices did increase the other day. Up to $100 for oil/rotate. We were running about $75 for 0/20 syn with rotate.
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    O'Reilly's lost me forever as a costumer

    100%. Answer the phone whenever there isn’t a client in front of you and set appts. Sure a lot of those calls are people wanting advice how to fix their shit or asking 100 stupid questions but can’t get any if you don’t try. I was walking out the door (late) the other day and call center rep...
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    Car Buying in 2022

    Used car market starting to feel an awful lot like the housing market lol
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    Car Buying in 2022

    One of my clients in service just traded his CRV that he bought from us in march of 2019 for 500 bucks less than he paid for it. He essentially rented a car for 2 and 1/2 years and 30,000 miles for $500. He bought a new one at MSRP.
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    Car Buying in 2022

    There’s a local dealer to me trying to get 50 grand for a used maverick. I guess I can see someone paying a lot to have one of the first broncos or c8 corvettes but the whole point of the maverick is a cheap truck. Anyone willing to spend 50k on one is a fool.
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    Places to buy used cars and/or aftermarket warranty for used car

    I worked for ford a couple years ago and realized quickly that diesel work is where all the money is at in the shop. Especially fleet vehicle accounts.
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    FedEx Hell!

    I feel your pain. My dad always told me the distribution center his packages go through lost packages constantly, I didn’t realize how bad it was until I moved close to him now my packages go through the same center and have had nothing but issues. Last time I had ordered a gun and it’s showing...
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    Places to buy used cars and/or aftermarket warranty for used car

    You got me beat lol. We don’t typically have repair bills that large, that sounds like a diesel repair.
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    Places to buy used cars and/or aftermarket warranty for used car

    After my last 2 days I had to bump this thread. I filed a claim for maxcare (carmax warranty) yesterday. Customer contract purchase price - $1,463. My approved claim total on yesterdays repair order -$3,177. Then today filed a claim for a different customer, they purchased their contract for...
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    Need a knife for my son, ideas?

    Gerber and kershaw have been my go-tos for years for just standard pocket knifes. Spring assist opening for easy one handed operation.
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    Henry Ruggs III Vegas crash and the aftermath.

    Yelling for help for the drunk guy, saying he plays football, who gives a shit, they don't care there was an innocent person in the vehicle. **** the drunk guy who caused it. Hope he's locked up for good.
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    North Carolina Help Please

    What will you be driving? Some great driving roads in the mountains, highway 221 from blowing rock to linville, little switzerland, etc etc. Any amount of time spent on the blue ridge parkway is a good time. Great views, great road. Biltmore is nice to go to in asheville, grandfather mountain...