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    Low Pressure Port Valve Cap?

    I started investigating my AC blowing lukewarm and noticed that my low pressure port valve has no cap. I was checking out a few YouTube videos and folks seem to be removing a cap from that port. Likely a dumb question, but should there be a cap on there? If so, anyone have a part number for it...
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    WANTED: Floor Mats - Dark Charcoal

    I may be interested in the mats if the OP passes on them.
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    WANTED: Carpet & Floor Mats

    I’m looking for any good condition OEM carpet that someone may have removed. Dark charcoal color. No stains or holes (other than where they ought to be for seats and attachments). I’d also like it to still have the foam on the back. I’m also looking for some floor mats. Just OEM or some that...
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    Official Terminator Picture Thread

    Thanks for the comments Bob! And the gaskets for if MGW ever ships my shifter! There's a laundry list of things to do, but the leak certainly takes priority.
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    Official Terminator Picture Thread

    2003 Convertible I picked up last week. The pictures do it justice and it needs some work (passengers side floor was damp, so likely a leak somewhere and the suspension is unbelievably bad/rough). It'll be a project that's for sure.
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    03-04 Cobra Demand

    I just finally found one close by me (Midwest) for a reasonable asking price. It needs a little TLC, but only has 50k miles on it. I spent about 4 months actively looking for one. I found a few things: Facebook groups and sellers are remarkably unreliable. They either don't respond to...
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    Looking for a Terminator Owner (Long Shot)

    Just throwing this out there in case the current owner is on SVTP. I found some stuff from my old Terminator. Namely the SVT certificate and window sticker. I'll ship to the current owner for free if they're found and if they want it. VIN 1FAFP48Y33F302378 2003 Oxford White coupe w/ medium...
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    Mystery Device

    I’m going to request that the car audio installer fixing the rest of the audio mess remove it. As they also specialize in car alarms and the like, I’m hoping it goes smoothly.
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    Mystery Device

    Yes, that seems to be what it is, thanks!
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    Mystery Device

    I thought those were typically mounted behind a grille or elsewhere in the front bumper?
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    Mystery Device

    I recently brought home an 03 Cobra convertible and have spent the last day removing the amplifiers and crazy amount of wiring. As I was getting to the front, I saw this little box with a flashing blue light just screwed into the underside of the steering column. I’m guessing it’s some kind of...
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    WTB DSG or Sonic Blue 03 Cobra coupe

    Is this still available? Will send a PM.
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    WANTED: 03/04 Coupe

    Haha, good advice. I’ll be patient for a while and see what turns up. If it goes into the summer, I might start asking some people.