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  • Hey man I saw that you did a cobra swap into mach, I am currently doing the same. I used mach harness and ecu. Car won't start. Do I need to have a start up tune since using mach ecu?
    Hey Vince,

    Kinda lucked across a for sale thread here and found your name. I have your old 03 Saleen. What can you tell me about it when you had it? I bought the car in November and pretty much everything I would do to the car has been done. I replaced a throw out bearing a few months ago and have had some fuel pressure issues here lately but I'm hoping it's been solved. I replaced the fuel pump and fuel pressure sensor and right now it is at NOLA Motorsports for a tune. I understand it doesn't have the original motor or transmission. Be cool if you could give me a little more history.
    Hey Vince, how'd that JLT work out for you? I'd love to see pics if you got it installed already.
    if you still have youre black saleens and want to sell them txt or call me at 936 714 1656 thanks
    Hey i saw in a post u wanted to sale ur black saleens what size are they and how much im in houston so it would be a pick up
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