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  • im getting ready to put on a wet plate kit on my 2012 6mt car. nitrous is nothing new to me but this car is brand new so im curious about your setup. i was going to run 100 shot on tr6 plugs stock tune and put in a little 110 for safety. i need a good tire also but was gonna do staggered 17" racestars. any info would be helpful

    Thank you very much for posting your experiences with alternative fluids in the MT-82. I was starting to have notchiness and slight grinding develop in gears 2 and 3 on my 6/10 build GT 6MT I bought in July. I read your posts regarding gear oil, then Synchromesh. I had Pennzoil Synchromesh put in my Stang today over lunch, and on the 2 mile drive back to work, I could already tell a dramatic difference.

    I plan to confirm this on the message board after I've driven more than 2 miles to back up your position. My question is, did your transmission continue to smooth out as you put some miles on the new fluid, or have I seen all the improvement that will happen?

    I'm satisfied, but 2 and 3 are still not quite as buttery as 5 and 6.

    Thanks so much for taking the lead on experimenting with fluids. I would've been afraid to try it without reading your compelling forum posts.

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