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    FOR SALE: New*** built Tremec T-56 magnum

    The closer 1st gear is to 1 to 1 (4th gear, no od's included), the closer/shorter the gear spread (rpm drop between shifts), 2.66 is closer to 1 to 1 than 2.97......... In the "old world", a 2.32 top loader is close ratio, a 2.78 is wide ratio, same rules apply. R
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    20” Shelby 50th Anniversary SuperSnake Wheel pics

    Here is a 2007-2009............. R
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    20” Shelby 50th Anniversary SuperSnake Wheel pics

    I had to do some searching on FB to find a couple of GT500's with these 50th wheels........ ^^^^^^Not the best pictures, there is also a Red 07-09 but I could not find his car.... R
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    20” Shelby 50th Anniversary SuperSnake Wheel pics

    Thanks Yes, those are the fronts. The rears from Eric V. should be here next week, maybe Wed.? Also in my reply above, I said 9" for the front, they may be 9.5"? I would have to look at the boxes to verify....... R
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    20” Shelby 50th Anniversary SuperSnake Wheel pics

    No, Eric just shipped the 9" widened to 11" today, he called me this afternoon to let me know they were "in the mail"!! ^^^^^^^along with two Black rims in the same 50th style widened 9" to 11"........ R
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    20” Shelby 50th Anniversary SuperSnake Wheel pics

    These wheels fit the 2007-2014 GT500 as long as you do not have the 6 piston Baer rear calipers., they are designed for the smaller Wilwoods..........They do not fit the Baer 6S Extreme rear's......I say they do not fit, there is not the .100 clearance between the caliper and the wheel that Baer...
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    Requesting opinion on original KR wheels..

    There are many KR's changing hands right now and there have been for the last few years. I agree that the tires are worth zero for street use, but if someone has a KR that has been used (a few miles) and has had the usual tire replacement, wheel dings etc. and they are interested in having a...
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    Rear Differential Question

    I think the Bullitt Mustangs also got the high load - high torque bearings, and that is pinion bearings only, right? All other bearings Carrier and Axle are the same? R
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    WANTED: CS SHELBY Coil Covers......

    I am looking for a pair of the CS Shelby coil covers shown below, if you have some for sale, please PM me. Thanks, Robert
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    Rear tire sidewall bulge.

    double post....
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    Rear tire sidewall bulge.

    The difference in a 255 tire height and a 285 is quite a bit and is going to cause issue with the positraction unit in your 8.8, one side is shorter (less diameter, the 255) and the 255 is going to spin more times per mile because of that alone. I would take the bad tire/wheel off and bring it...
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    Tremec Magnum XL swap

    I have looked at this swap and seen it for $4K + or -. I would also do the 2.66 first gear if/when I go the XL direction. If my car still had it's oem 2008 3.31's I would probably choose the wider ratio first gear option (is that a 2.97?) for the XL, but with my 3.73 axle gear, the better choice...
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    Losing slowly tire pressure from valve stem

    I replied to your PM...........Roads can be a real issue for low profile tires, there are some roads in the US, especially in Northern states where there is Freezing for some months and warm or hot for other months, it causes roads to degrade quickly with extreme weather changes, expansion and...