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    Water Usage Heat Exchanger

    UPDATE: The small leak in the HE was not the culprit. Water still disappearing. Water must be in the cylinders, car is hard to start, missing with white smoke until motor is cleaned out. Motor then runs fine. Had the blower, etc. removed with no signs of water or leak. Pressure tested...
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    Water Usage Heat Exchanger

    Had system pressure tested and found a very small leak @ HE. Relieved the leak was not internal.
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    Water Usage Heat Exchanger

    Have a 2007 that I purchased new. Years ago installed upgraded dual fan HE, intercooler pump, higher capacity reservoir, etc.. Recently I've noticed that water is disappearing from the reservoir at the rate of a pint per 150 miles. I can't find any leaks and concerned leak might be inside the...
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    E85 on stock 2012 fuel system?

    You're going to need a return system with E85. Check with Lund I'll bet he will concur.
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    MGW Gen 1

    Have had a Gen 1 on my 07 for years which has given me very good service. However, for $250 and trouble of installing I would leave the Barton in place.
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    2.6 pulley 1/4 mile

    Going to need a lot more than what you stated to get in the 11's...
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    305/45/17 MT Street R on 9.5 or 10.5 wheel?

    What car do you have? I have run the 10.5 with 305 on both my 07 gt500 and 18 GT (both cars lowered) with no issues.
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    McLeod RXT clutch (6975-07M) high pedal effort

    My pedal effort was about the same but had to install a Ram clutch adjuster to adjust pedal position to engage closer to the floor.
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    Car driveable after blower swap?

    Keep out of boost you should be OK
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    Need some opinions

    Because of the miles with no after market items except muffles I would keep looking.
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    Why does no one make line locks for 07-09's anymore?

    When I installed one on my 07 years ago used a flex line.
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    Jay Leno’s Garage - 2020 Corvette

    Like the mid engine concept. Just like all Corvettes ingress and egress to the cabin still sucks.