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  • hello, i seen in a post that you had a halfshaft for a 04 cobra forsale..do you still happen to have it?
    My '97 threw the stuck IMRC code and as I was in process of cleaning, realized my right cable was snapped. I've been looking to buy the IMRC controller box w/cables. MWolson suggested to contact you. I have a 1997 Mustang Cobra SVT. Thanks,
    Hi . I was told that you might be able to help me find a stock 03-04 cobra block ? I’m looking for a new 03-04 block and crank
    You really need to get more accurate info. Which cams were off by 7 and 3 degrees, exhaust or intakes? All cams are of by more than that amount when using the stock timing marks. Were your cams timed at what center-lines?

    Excessive pressure could be from a burnt piston. Takes a compression test to verify if the compression is good or bad. Do you have the pvc system hooked up or breathers. i have breathers on my Cobra.
    Maybe I am confused about the cam bearing. It's very possible he said cam gears broke lose. All I know is when he took it apart the driver side timing was off 7 and passenger off 3. I'm trying to get the correct info from him. As far as the crank case, I mean the vent system. Even with it all working properly I'm building massive amounts of crank case pressure that it's blowing the front crank shaft seal and oil pan gasket. My buddy thought he saw a post where you had pressure issues as well and burnt a piston. Thanks for your time. I'm newer to this amount of modification so sorry for confusion.
    I took it back to the shop that I had build it. He fixed the vacuum issue saying the way he had it tied into the whipple was not working right.
    After they tore into the top end he said the cam bearing had broke and come lose and that was causing the timing to be off and cause that tick. Installed new cam bearings and better timing chain tensioner. Got the car back. Had it dyno tuned on e75 (winter blend in Oklahoma) and car made 920hp and 800 tq. That's at 24 psi and 17 timing I believe.
    Had the car for a few days broke her in again. Then I took it for some pulls and it ran good, I would shut down around 130.
    Made a pull to 145 and right around 143 it blew the oil again. I got under the car and the crank case gasket was blown and leaking again and the tick sound is back. Any ideas. I know it's alot, thanks for any help. P.S. the the shop that built the motor and installed it says he has the pressure relief set up correctly for the crank case.
    My name is Brett and a buddy on here told me you may be able help me with some information.
    I have a 2001 bullitt with a complete built 4.6. It's a 5.0 striker kit, running 11:1 compression, with a 2.9 whipple It's a teksid block, Kellogg crank, Manley I-beams and diamond Pistons. Have a innovators west dampener on it and custom ground cams. Running e85.
    I got the car finished and street tuned and it ran good. I broke it in and then when I made a few highway pulls I ran into issues. Right when I reached around 140 mph it shot white smoke from under the car. Found out the crank case gasket had burst and spewed oil everywhere. There was no loss of power or weird noises and knocks. Just blew the oil and then I got out of it. It started to have a little tick sound coming from the driver side head and also a vacuum when you would try and remove the oil cap.
    Hey, this is eBay user Z28_TT! Great talking to you today, looking forward to doing business.
    It was a while ago, i'm not even sure where i posted it at. I would guess it's in the engine tuning section.
    Hello, I noticed that you live in Palmdale CA, and so do I. I was wondering if there is a good dyno tuner around here. I have spoken with Daren at wild pony. I think I saw a pic of your car in his office. He said he can dyno tune. Have you had him do any work to your car, and if so, how do you like it?
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